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Series – Choosing the Best eCommerce Integration for your Marketplace – Part II

We have been hearing a lot from our customers. There are thousands of options available today and I’m pretty sure sellers feel overwhelmed with the features and support offered by several vendors.

What will be the first thing you would do when you are all set to start an online marketplace? We’re referring to the webstore with a perfect suite to handle product listings, product image integration, multi-tier and customer centric item pricing, real time web order and invoice integration complemented with mobile ready and powerful analytics features.

The good news is x2x eCommerce assists sellers with a wide range of eCommerce tools to enhance your webstore. Do you require the store inventory to sync with your webstore sales? For a start. that’s something you should be thinking about.

If you have an eCommerce Website

For sure, having a standard eCommerce website alone won’t help you sort out your invoices/stock issues. You need to consider integrating your eCommerce solution with your ERP suite. You don’t need to hire someone to work on your eCommerce website/portal. There are ready to deploy solutions like x2x eCommerce to save your time and money! This is a great solution for marketplaces who want to kick start quickly and flexibly adapt to quick changes and manage their webstore in the backend with x2x eCommerce integration tool.

How much you need to spend?

Should you pay the money upfront or pay as you go? Well, you got both the options! Now that’s really flexible for businesses that are small or larger enterprises. Let’s say you need to offer online payment gateway, but not focused on investing more time or resources on logistics or advertising to boost your business – that’s where the inexpensive pay as you go subscription works well for you. Down the line, if you reconsider your plan by implementing an expensive and a full-fledged solution that can boost your webstore such as SEO, email marketing integrations, product stock management, logistics etc., choosing a solution like x2x eCommerce will surely add value without any hassle! So, keep in mind, upgrade or downgrade, possibilities are endless!

Do you need a store inventory suite to sync with your webstore?

Yes! Yes! That’s a very important requirement! Imagine managing all your inventories using an integration tool right from your top-notch ERP solution within minutes? You really can’t afford to employ someone to take care of thousands of your inventory daily right (If you can afford, well, yes)? It’s also going to save lot of time and hassles.

x2x eCommerce – Innovative eCommerce-ERP Integration

x2x eCommerce is a revolutionary solution that combines the power of Retail Management Hero and Microsoft Dynamics GP and Enterprise eCommerce for a feature rich, fully optimized, responsive and multi-device friendly web store that can be managed all within Dynamics ERP. Once deployed, start selling more with lower TCO!

Ready to start setting up your webstore with x2x eCommerce Integration Suite? Get in touch with our experts to learn more!

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