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Price management with the x2xeCommerce RHM-Woo integration

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Regarding the retail industry, which product parameters matter most to the customer and owner? One acceptable answer is price. After all, businesses put so much of their thoughts and consideration into deciding prices for their product; simply pricing the product involves consideration of many different aspects. This includes in simplest form, the cost of products and the profit the business intends to generate but also involves more complication of reaching a balance point where customers perceive value for money for the product and the profits.

On the customer side, prices are one of the first things considered when making a purchase decision, it’s that hallmark parameter that puts everything in a relative position to the customer: the usability of the product, its features, its impacts on the quality of life, and whatnot.

Being such a crucial product parameter, special consideration must be given to this value when managing it across your business platforms especially where customers interact with it. Not displaying the correct price for a product and enabling or disabling the sales price at the right moment can result in significant loss for the business. But how do you ensure that your prices are consistent across all platforms you’re using? If you’re using RMH and WooCommerce as your eCommerce platform, then the answer is the x2xeCommerce RMH-Woo Integration solution.

What is the x2xeCommerce RMH-Woo integration solution?

Integration is the need of almost every business using multiple platforms to manage their operations. If you’re one such business, then you realize the importance of data consistency across all platforms. But when you have hundreds and thousands of entities each with several parameters how do you ensure that each remain in sync on the various platform you’re using? Of course, manually inputting variable information for hundreds of fields is not a feasible option, nor it’s quite possible. Here integration solutions like

are useful.

The x2xeCommerce RHM-Woo integration solution is a comprehensive integration solution developed to integrate your RMH Point-of-sales system with your WooCommerce webstore allowing you to realize a unified business management system. This integration solution allows you to import your relevant data from RMH to Woo and download Woo orders to be processed in your point-of-sales system where you manage your common inventory and reconcile your business accounts. While the product offers various functionalities, this article discusses the price uploading functionality of this solution. The solution comprises of two modules: The Product Management Portal (PMP) and the Order Manager. Both of these modules offer the functionality to upload prices depending on the requirements of the user.

Price management with price mapping

An important part of integrating prices between the two platforms is the price mapping. In RMH, you can define multiple prices for the same product that you can apply in different scenarios: different customer groups and sales prices. The x2xeCommerce solution makes use of this RMH feature by allowing the user to select which RMH price to map to the product price on Woo. An important use of this selection option is when the user wants to have different prices on the webstore than their retail store.

General setting menu of the soluiton.

Sales price

Sales is an important part of any retail operation. The integration solution caters to this by allowing the user to also map the WooCommerce sales price with any RMH price field. But that’s not it, sales usually last for a definite period and if the prices are not reverted on time, a business can incur significant losses or loss of reputation. The solution provides for this by mapping the start and end time of the sale with the RMH fields allowing the user to automatically handle the sales start and end time for Woo products directly from RMH.

Price uploading

One of the most crucial parts of the integrating process is the uploading of data from one platform to another. Being a comprehensive solution the x2xeCommerce RHM-Woo offers different options to the user which they can use to upload prices depending on their requirements. These include:

  1. Using the PMP module when product data is uploaded.

  2. Automatically using the scheduler in PMP

  3. Automatically using the scheduler in Order Manager

  4. In bulk, using the sync “All price” option. This is used when the prices are being uploaded for the first time. Later on, if only the updated prices needed to be uploaded to the WooCommece then the user can use another option sync “Latest price”.


The assurance that your prices are consistent across all platforms is crucial to enjoying seamless unified business management and delivering a consistent experience to customers across all of your sales channels. The x2xeCommerce integration solution lets you provide comprehensive price mapping and uploading options to suit various business requirements and needs. Furthermore, if you seek any customization to meet your unique business demands, the solution is fully customizable as well.

x2xeCommerce, being an expert in providing eCommerce and integration solutions in the domain of ERP, POS, and ecommerce also provides integration solutions for other platforms, like the x2x BC-Magento integration solution. If you’re looking for an integration solution for your business needs, reach out to the x2x for any query or free demo.



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