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Introducing new features to x2x RMH-Shopify solution

Our ever-increasing needs have put us in an active search for new solutions. This is good since it drives innovation and helps us realize our increasing potential. While the need to meet our needs is crucial in every aspect of our lives, its importance is mostly realized in business endeavors as often so much is at stake, and that is why it’s vital to understand the importance of scalability and expandability of business solutions that complement business operations as the need for it arises. While choosing any business solution for its operations, a firm must consider these aspects. Whether the solution they’re incorporating is adaptable as the needs expand. The x2xecommerce solutions are customizable as per the demands of the industry. Let’s see some of the new features that added to x2x RHM-Shopify.

Threshold by department

The updated version of the x2x-Shopify now allows the user to set the inventory threshold by the department, which provides the user with greater flexibility in managing their Shopify inventory in relation to the actual quantity available. Previously, users were only able to set inventory threshold that applies globally to every product irrespective of their department. Threshold prevents the retailer from overselling the item online and ensures exclusive availability of a certain quantity of items at physical stores to be sold. Since the selling rate, restocking lead times, and proportion of retail vs. online customers differ by product type & department, having the option to manage this feature by the department provides more control over managing Shopify inventory when syncing it to your physical store.

Handling non-recurring items

If you’re into a business that sells non-recurring products then this update is for you. With this update, you can have the non-recurring items automatically marked as inactive and have their status changed to draft as their quantity falls to zero. Without this option, you have to manually keep track of the item quantity for each non-recurring item and mark it as inactive when the inventory falls to zero. Thus, having this feature besides saving time, will make the navigation and product discoverability experience easy for customers by removing unnecessary items from their visibility.

Uploading quantity by location

Another significant feature introduced in the new version is the availability to upload item quantities by their locations; this is very useful when you have multiple locations and prefer order fulfillment by specific locations. The new feature allows you to map each RMH store in the RMH Central to each particular location on Shopify, enabling the inventory uploading as per such location mapping. Furthermore, as mentioned before, if you fulfill orders for a certain region from a certain fulfillment center only, then when the inventory at any fulfillment center runs zero, it'll be marked as inactive, and the customer won’t be able to order from that region until item at that location is back in stock.


X2xecommerce understand the diverse need of business operations that differ from business to business, and that’s why its solutions are scalable and customizable as per customer requirements. Whether the aforementioned features apply to your business or you want to meet some other specific demands, the x2xecommerce team can help you implement a solution that perfectly matches your requirements. Furthermore, x2xecommerce offer solution in the other domains as well such as x2x BC-Magento integration solution. If you have any queries or want a free demo, feel free to reach out to the x2x team.


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