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Why your ecommerce store should be mobile friendly

Our busy lifestyles force us to seek ways that make things easier and seamless. Luckily, we’ve tools making it possible; one example is Mobile devices. Today, whether finding a cab or keeping updated with the latest news, mobile devices bring all such things to the convenience of your fingertips. Cell phone technology has undoubtedly transformed our lives in many domains, but the shift we’ve seen in the retail industry is profound; today, a significant portion of ecommerce sales comes through mobile devices, which is only increasing. Therefore, ecommerce businesses must make their webstores mobile-friendly. Let’s see why your webstore should be mobile-friendly.

Increasing popularity of mobile devices & greater access to technology

The 21st century has provided us with many technological marvels, and as time passes, they’re even getting more accessible owing to cost-reduction innovations in technology. With the growing popularity of mobile devices connected to the Internet, there are many potential customers on the Internet. In 2022, there were approximately 5 billion mobile internet users, and for many of them, mobile devices are the primary internet device.

Having a mobile-friendly ecommerce store would facilitate such users to seamlessly browse and shop online, enabling you to capture sales from this crucial segment of the market.

A better customer experience

Providing a good customer experience is at the core of a successful business; if your webstore isn’t mobile-friendly, your webpages wouldn’t adapt to screen sizes of different devices, the loading time will be long, and the website may even become unresponsive. Such website features are detrimental to the customer experience. In contrast, a webstore that is adaptive to mobile platforms feels intuitive, words are legible, and website elements are arranged in an optimized layout. Therefore, visitors feel at ease when shopping using their mobile devices and get a consistent experience across all platforms.

Our lifestyle

Everyone is so busy these days that opening your computer to order things seems like a burden, and just like we procrastinate on many tasks, you keep on delaying ordering until when you feel like you’ve enough time to sit and operate a computer to order products especially. While your webstore still can be accessed through mobile devices, if it’s not mobile-friendly, then when the potential customer lands on it, you fear not giving them a good navigation experience causing them to delay buying until they’re on a computer or even worse they might completely lose interest in buying from you, drifting away to competitors.

On the other hand, however, with an easy-to-navigate, intuitive, and interactive mobile webstore, your customers can order products conveniently in simple steps, enabling them to shop online and carry on with their busy lifestyles; for e.g., one can order groceries on their way to work on a bus.

Some other benefits of having a mobile-friendly webstore

The call for having a mobile-friendly online store has many other reasons besides those discussed above, and each presents a strong justification for why considering a responsive webstore holds importance.

Better SEO: Mobile-friendly ecommerce stores rank higher on search engines; this increases organic traffic on your online store and improves sales.

Social media outreach: The majority of people use mobile devices to check social media; mobile-friendly webstores can be integrated with social media platforms, enabling people to buy without leaving them. Furthermore, with a mobile-friendly site, you can leverage the large audience base on social platforms and directly bring them to your product pages by running ad campaigns on such platforms.

Build a better image: Of course, a good company considers many aspects from a professional perspective, and a mobile-friendly site sends that impression. Therefore, a responsive site signifies your company’s professionalism and helps establish customers’ confidence.


The fast-paced world of modern times has significantly increased mobility; if something isn’t parallel to it, it’s bound to remain behind. Therefore, a responsive webstore that runs smoothly and offers a seamless experience across all devices is necessary. Having a mobile-friendly site suits our current lifestyles but also helps us reach more people and provide a better customer experience.

The x2xecommerce can help you develop a mobile-friendly webstore and integrate it with other business solutions. For queries or a free demo, feel free to reach out.



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