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The Role of Integration in Achieving a Unified Customer Experience

Businesses are built on excellent customer experiences; if your customers are satisfied with what you provide them, they are likely to return and bring more customers through their positive experience. However, building such a level of trust and confidence in customers means providing them with a seamless & hassle-free shopping experience with consistency across all channels. This requires a level of integration between your business solutions enabling the flow of data to keep your business system connected – a process in which one solution makes the update in others. Without such harmony between solutions, your operations become sluggish and prone to errors affecting customer satisfaction.

Customers details

The same customers can visit both physical and online stores. Therefore, it is essential your customers' details are updated on each channel and their management solution; integration ensures your POS solution at physical stores is updated with online customers' details:

  1. Swift checkouts: With integration, your POS would have customers' details in advance, which means their orders can be processed much more quickly.

  2. Easy returns: Customers can conveniently return items purchased online at outlets with their online sales transactions and invoices available in the POS system installed at outlets.

  3. Better support: Your support department team can easily access the complaint history for a visiting customer in their system linked to other solutions through integration and resolve it in a timely fashion

Enable rewards

Loyal customers are a significant asset for a business, and nothing sticks customers to a company more than rewarding them for their buying behavior. With integration, businesses can maintain a single account for each customer across all buying channels enabling them to utilize their reward points on any platform, physical store, or webstore. This facilitates a seamless reward redemption experience for customers to enhance their satisfaction with your business. Furthermore, from a business management perceptive, an integrated reward system would increase your customers’ retention rate by increasing loyalty among your customers.

Provide personal experience

The persona of every customer is different; their likes, average cart value, buying frequency, and what they purchase differ. Therefore, businesses must cater to individual preferences in pursuit of good customer service. The integration allows the salesperson in the store to look at customers' preferences based on their previous transactions across any channel and provide them with suggestions about products & services. With knowledge of every customer's likes and dislikes, salespersons will be better equipped when dealing with customers and serve them accordingly, enhancing their satisfaction. Furthermore, providing personal experiences like product recommendations will reduce buying resistance and increase profitability.


Delivering a consistent experience to customers across all platforms is expected from a multi-channel business. Integration solutions help you achieve this by linking disparate business solutions into a synchronized system; thus, no matter where your customers shop, you can deliver as per their expectations.

Are you looking to achieve enhanced system harmony among your business solutions? Then the x2xecommerce team can help you implement integration solutions, particularly related to ecommerce. Reach out to the team for any query or free demo.



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