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how x2x-ecommerce integration makes GP Platform Compatible with Shopify Functionalities

ERP solutions empower businesses with great operation management capabilities. Not only do they automate a lot of tasks, but also help with planning. But unfortunately, every ERP is not designed to cater to all domains of any business. This is because some ERPs, despite being great platforms, have become outdated or their functionalities aren’t compatible with businesses of every nature. Consequently, the management teams using these ERPs face limitations as they expand into domains that call for new functionalities these platforms don’t handle. Furthermore, transiting to a new ERP platform is not always a feasible option since not only is it onerous, but also very expensive.

Enhance your GP Platform with Shopify functionalities

The x2x-eCommerce GP-Shopify module, enhancing the GP platform with Shopify functionalities, is designed to address the problem mentioned above. With the x2xecommerce GP-Shopify module, users can manage their Shopify store directly from the GP environment. Let's go through some of the capabilities that the x2x GP-Shopify module provides

Parent/Child relationship:

Many products on eCommerce sites come with variants. With the GP-Shopify module, you can create each variant as a standalone product in GP, for inventory management and tracking purposes, and attach it to its parent product with the Parent/child relationship functionality. Once uploaded to the Shopify store all your variant items attached to their parent item would appear on the web store. This feature saves you time by allowing you the create variant items on your Shopify using the GP product database. Otherwise, you would have to manually create and input variant item details in Shopify as you create them in GP.


Product categories also called collections on Shopify are an essential aspect of product management on your web store since they help you organize your catalog and help users navigate with efficiency. GP-Shopify module allows you to create, manage and update collections from the GP environment.

Updating & mapping capability:

In order for businesses to manage their operations efficiently it is imperative that all business solutions being utilized are in parallel to each other. With the GP-Shopify module, you can

  1. Update the inventory and price of products from GP to the Shopify store.

  2. Map payment and shipping methods to match the web orders downloaded into GP with the relevant methods on Shopify.

  3. Create customers & items on Shopify from GP.

Bulk management through excel:

One great feature of the module is that you can perform various Shopify tasks in bulk using excel files. This saves you a lot of time especially when you need to handle a large amount of data at once. With this feature, you can

  1. Create & assign variants to their parent items

  2. Assign pictures to items

  3. Enable a product as a web store item.

  4. Update collections.


The world of business has evolved significantly, and as a consequence so is its dynamics. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses ensure they have the capability to handle it. With GP-Shopify you can enrich your GP environment with these and many other great features that are designed specifically to be compatible with the Shopify platform. Reach out to us for any questions or queries, we’ll be more than happy to help you.



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