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Item Integration between RMH POS & Microsoft Dynamics GP

x2x solutions maximize the benefits of integration by providing end-to-end connectivity. The master data of a business needs to be available on both systems without any discrepancy to ensure synchronization between applications. ‘Item’ is one of the most important entities of master data. x2x allows item creation from Dynamics GP to Retail Management Hero (RMH).

Item Creation from Dynamics GP to RMH

Items can be easily downloaded from Dynamics GP to RMH Central and then to the RMH Stores using x2x solution. The fields populated in RMH, as a result of this action are:

· Item Number

The integration displays both the Dynamics GP and RMH Item numbers on the display window.

· Item Description

Item description is another field populated as a result of an item downloaded from Dynamics GP.

· Price

Price will be displayed If ‘Display Global Price’ is enabled in the x2x solution setup.

· Cost

Either the current or standard cost will be displayed depending on the condition selected in the x2x solution setup.

· Unit Of Measurement (UOM)

RMH uses one UOM, so the base UOM in Dynamics GP will be mapped with RMH.

The items can be downloaded manually or through the Scheduler. Setup the Scheduler to download items from Dynamics GP. To facilitate user, all the items in Dynamics GP are downloaded for the first time by default unless a filter has been set to restrict the items to be downloaded from Dynamics GP to RMH.

Criteria for downloading items

On every download cycle, the items which have changed from the last time or were created after the previous download cycle will be created/updated.

What happens when the items are downloaded?

• Create/update items in RMH Central

• Create and approve Worksheet for all the stores

Verify in RMH Central Manager

When item data is downloaded from Dynamics GP to RMH Central, the downloaded data can be verified from RMH Central. It is advised to check the items and their prices based on the price level or price sheet assigned to the items in RMH Central.

Through these easy steps, item integration is done in x2x RMH-GP. For any further queries, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist our customers in deciding a solution that works best for them. Please visit x2x eCommerce, email us at, or call us at 888 929 3266 to get a FREE DEMO!

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