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How to Update Shopify Orders Fulfillment Status from Business Central

The growing needs of businesses require frequent updates to ensure smooth operations. A number of entities need to be updated timely from an ERP to an eCommerce store. One such entity is the fulfillment status of orders if a business follows the process of fulfilling orders from an ERP platform. This update is helpful for the eCommerce and store Manager to plan the orders shipments accordingly.

Our previous blog which was about the Shopify orders’ processing in Business Central shows the complete process through which Shopify orders are shipped using an ERP built-in functionality. The next step is to share the update to the Shopify store. x2x Integration allows to do it in a number of ways. You can update this status individually for each order, schedule it or automate this process by introducing a functionality called “Auto Upload Fulfillment”. Enable this option in x2x Business Central to Shopify Integration and the status will update on the eCommerce store as soon as the order is shipped in Business Central.

Consider the order 1032, it is not processed, and its status is unshipped in Business central and on Shopify Store as well.

Now, this order is going to be processed in Business Central.

Once shipped, the status will be changed simultaneously on both platforms because the option of “Auto Upload Fulfillment” is enabled as mentioned earlier in this blog. Also, the shipment is created in Business Central.

This feature of instant updates reduces redundancies of operations and helps in managing hassle-free activities. Business Central and Shopify Integration solution by x2x eCommerce offers many such features for its valuable clients. To know more about the ways in which this integration is reducing the manual efforts to manage ERP and an eCommerce efficiently, reach us at or make a call at 888-929-3266 and request a Demo.


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