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How to Create Shopify Orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The world is changing and so are the ways of doing business. Stiff competition, numerous options, and the fastest delivery services raise the standards, and those who fail to meet those standards are eventually left far behind. To stay on top of the game, companies are opting for integration options between their ERP and eCommerce stores. Our today's blog discusses the most important feature of our Business Central and Shopify Integration, i.e., timely order availability on both platforms.

Customer engagement is a fundamental part of business, organizations are spending a huge amount to meet customer demands and explore new markets. Customer satisfaction and retention not only involve better product quality but also timely delivery. To fulfill customer demands faster, orders need to be available in Business Central as soon as they are created on the Shopify store. With x2x Integration, you can download Shopify orders instantly into your ERP for further processing. Moreover, the downloaded/created orders contain the same information as on Shopify thus reducing any data discrepancy and manual entry. Further, the Shopify orders created in Business Central will be processed in a similar fashion as native orders are processed.

“Download Orders” interface of x2x Integration provides different options to consider while downloading orders, like duration, order generation, etc.

The downloaded/created orders can be seen through provided order dashboard interface with their respective fulfillment and payment status.

After downloading, simply process the order in Business Central. This simple, quick, and easy order processing in x2x integration makes operations faster and smoother for its customers.

The Business Central and Shopify Integration solution feature mentioned above can help business operations. It also lessens the burden behind the scenes. Interested to know the ways in which this integration will help you support your eCommerce store and ERP? x2x eCommerce will help you in dealing with the issue you are facing right now. Reach us at or make a call at 888-929-3266 or request a Demo.


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