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How to Create MS Dynamics 365 Business Central Items on Shopify?

To compete with the fast-pacing world of eCommerce, companies need to have a data harmonization between their ERP system and eCommerce store. Manual entries result in faulty data, hence, impacting the overall business operations. That’s where integration plays its part, as discussed in our earlier blogs that x2x introduces Parent/Child items to ensure the product compatibility with the eCommerce store.

The next step after item creation in Business Central is to transfer the same information to the other platform i.e., the eCommerce store. With x2x BC Shopify integration, items can easily be created/uploaded on Shopify. Our integration allows users to create/upload only those items on the web store which they want to sell online. By making selected items web-enabled and populating other information in an x2x section of an item card, the item becomes ready to be uploaded on the web store.

With the provided upload option, the item will be created on the Shopify site having the same information as available in Business Central.

The product is created on Shopify in the same way as created manually on the web-store.

The x2x Business Central - Shopify integration feature mentioned above can help support your eCommerce store. At the same time, you can lessen the burden behind the scenes. Confused with regards to the ways in which this integration will help you support your store? x2x eCommerce will help you in dealing with the issue you are facing right now. Reach us at or 888-929-3266 and get your 1 Hour Demo immediately.


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