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Which is the Best RMH eCommerce Integration?

To start with, let’s have a glimpse into the importance of integrating RMH POS with any eCommerce platform. With a good RMH eCommerce Integration, you will have better control over your business and increase your employees' productivity. This will reduce data redundancy and unnecessary costs like surplus inventory costs. By implementing an RMH eCommerce integration, the information will flow bi-directionally between the RMH and its integrated solution.


· The RMH eCommerce Integration suite allows you to easily sync your e-commerce data into Retail Management Hero.

· Easily upload products, categories, images, features, models, and SEO data from RMH to your e-commerce platform.

· Data transfer between RMH and the eCommerce solution can be done both manually and automatically.

· Easily add orders, customers, payment methods, and taxes.

· Integration makes uploading items and other related information from RMH Central or stores an easy task.

The top eCommerce solutions considered to be integrated with RMH are Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Let’s take a brief look into these –

· RMH Magento - Integrate your RMH POS with your Magento site, this integration enables the user to transfer data from RMH to Magento and from Magento to RMH. It also keeps your store inventory updated and downloads web orders into RMH automatically.

· RMH Shopify - RMH POS and Shopify integration will make inventory management and order management easy and simple for your team. This integration helps in uploading categories, matrix, and items from RMH to Shopify and downloading orders from Shopify manually or automatically.

· RMH WooCommerce – The RMH WooCommerce integration forms a bi-directional bridge between RMH and WooCommerce, i.e., it uploads your RMH POS inventory into WooCommerce and downloads WooCommerce orders into your RMH POS system.

With x2x RMH eCommerce integration you can easily and conveniently integrate RMH POS to Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce eCommerce solutions. The information flows bi-directionally between the integrated solutions. You can now easily save your time, cut down on employee costs, and eliminate the losses due to human errors. Easily manage your items, descriptions, prices, images, and inventory levels in your eCommerce solution by seamlessly syncing them from the RMH POS store or headquarter.

By implementing an RMH eCommerce Integration, you can get ahead of your competition by providing your customers the comfort of checking, comparing, and buying your products from anywhere in the world with any compatible portable device. You can route your sales transactions at eBay, Best Buy, or Amazon to RMH through WooCommerce, Shopify, or Magento. You can also make use of powerful sales analytics, integration with google analytics, live agent, social media integration, Facebook, Google, and SEO marketing as well as Mail Chimp integration.

Are you having any difficulties in integrating your RMH POS with your eCommerce solution? As always, x2x eCommerce will help you get out of your business-related problems with reliability, stability, consistency, and affordability. For further details, reach out to us at or 888-929-3266 and grab your complimentary 1 Hour Demo along the way.


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