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eCommerce Integration

x2x eCommerce Integration share eCommerce sales and order data; customer info; and inventory levels between the RMH POS and Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce store in just one click

Welcome to your one-stop solution

Now, you can easily and conveniently integrate RMH and RMS POS to Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce enterprise eCommerce sites. With x2x eCommerce integration, the information flows bi-directionally between the two solutions.

Save your time and efforts, cut down on your employee cost and eliminate the losses due to human errors. Manage your items, item description, item prices, images and inventory levels at your eCommerce site by seamlessly updating them from the RMS/RMH POS store of Headquarter/Central


Why You Need eCommerce Integration

With x2x RMH eCommerce integration you can have better control on your business by increasing your internal productivity and working towards customer satisfaction while reducing data redundancy and inventory costs. Integrating RMH with Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento is your solution for a successful business.

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" Stay ahead of the competition "

x2x RMS/RMH integration provides a seamless integration between your RMH/RMS POS solution with your enterprise eCommerce. The eCommerce site is multi device capable providing your customers to shop using their smartphones, tablets or computer.

x2x RMH eCommerce integration provides you with the choice of the enterprise eCommerce solution depending on your size, nature of business and your business requirements. Whether you want to integrate RMH/RMS POS with Shopify, Magento or Woo Commerce, we have all the three integrations.

With x2x POS integrated eCommerce solution you can be ahead of the competition by providing your customers the comfort of checking, comparing and buying your products from anywhere in the world with any compatible device.

Don’t be chained with the unified solutions

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Unified solutions which are developed on RMS/RMH are very limited in their capabilities and unable to quickly adapt to the fast-changing arena of competitive e-sales.

Enterprise eCommerce and x2x eCommerce RMS/RMH integration, you can route you sales transaction at eBay, Jet, Best Buy or on Amazon to your POS through your WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento site. You can get powerful sales analytics, integration with google analytics, live agent and help desk, social media integration, Facebook, Google and SEO marketing as well as Mail Chimp integration all at affordable prices.

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Empower your business – take advantage of the power of your RMH/RMS POS system

Unleash the full potential of your RMH POS system by augmenting your brick-and-mortar store with a high revenue generating enterprise eCommerce site fully integrated with your RMH POS to reap the benefits of the gaining and retaining your competitor’s customers by attracting them to your site and demonstrating to them that they get better products, prices and services than your competition.

Do more in less time
Some of Our Retail Management Hero Integrated eCommerce Customers
  • With x2x eCommerce RMH/RMS integrated eCommerce, you can practically manage your entire eCommerce business with almost insignificant human interaction. The new products when added can be automatically added to your webstore, any change in prices is updated promptly, new images can be added to your site automatically.

  • Just one feature of keeping the inventory balances updated on your webstore saves you from the hassle of handling the orders of items you do not have in stock. There is no need to call customers and apologizing them ending up in dissatisfied customers and lost sales as a result. A happy, satisfied and returning customer leads to higher sales and profits.

  • Get orders in your RMH POS as they are received. This allows you to promptly fulfil your customer orders and update their order information with the shipment tracking number. This not only shows your efficiency to your customer but also improve your cash flows by charging the customer’s credit card.


"Accsoft has provided MS RMS cradle to grave support for our systems since 2006 for our Warehouse Headquarters and 4 stores. They have been instrumental in hardware, software acquisition, installation and service maintenance since then. When we needed to move from an archaic web site Accsoft provided the integration package from MS RMS to Shopify saving significant time and money."

Peter Barker, CEO , Distinctly Tea Inc.

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Read more about eCommerce integration features and Cases on how x2x eCommerce has benefited customers across the region.

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