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Invoicing – Handling Worldwide on your webstore

We have seen our clients struggle with invoicing needs and imagine if they got lot of invoicing coming in? It’s going to be a nightmare and yes, if you are looking for a perfect solution for help, you are at the right place! ( x2x eCommerce supports eCommerce for Dynamics GP (that helps you to sell online through GP), magento gp integration, magento erp dynamics

In this blog, we will prove that invoicing isn’t a pain and it can help enhance your customer’s shopping experience and get your brand at the next step.

Is invoicing important for your webstore?

Compared to receipts, this is a payment acknowledgement that includes only little information, an invoice (that is known as tax invoice is few counties like Singapore or Australia). It contains the below information:

  1. Client information

  2. Supplier information

  3. Payment information

  4. Unique invoice number, due date, invoice number

  5. Tax rates

  6. Supplier company identification details (ABN, VAT/GST no, etc.)

  7. Detailed tax break down and tax amount paid

  8. Total Amount

  9. Client’s company identification number

You might be wondering if you really need this? You are partially correct. In few countries like the US, proper invoicing isn’t mandatory while selling business to consumers within the US.

Well, in many countries, you still need to send invoices for all your online orders. If you have got international deliveries, you got to create and send proper invoices.

In North America, invoicing isn’t very popular with webstore owners as manual invoicing is time-consuming and difficult.

x2x eCommerce microsoft dynamics gp e-commerce solution helps to bring hassle free experience by simply creating invoices with a click of a button! Imagine where you can do bulk invoicing and integrate your eCommerce for Dynamics GP? Amazing, isn’t it? All your financial transactions are up-to-date and yes, it saves plenty of time and converts your invoicing an easy task.

Another challenge you might face is like how we say there are two things that are certain in life – death and taxes. Yes, you got to charge your customers right if you don’t want to get in trouble with the tax authorities.

Invoice is an official tax paper every webstore or any type of business needs to keep in order if they got audited by the tax offices. Therefore, it is mandatory to display taxes on your invoices clearly.

In case of selling products to both businesses and individuals, you need to make sure that the invoices that you send to individuals is quite different from those where you need to issue it to businesses. Business invoices should have detailed company information, company identification numbers and the whole tax breakdown. Various webstore owners were forced to setup separate store for business to business or had to manually refund the tax percentage to their customers after purchase.

Creating invoices for international orders

Issuing invoices is very important while shipping products worldwide. Before you start selling something in your target market, research on what tax rules apply for the region as in, you need to charge taxes or not. Also, the invoices that you generate must be compliant with the region’s tax legislation.

The trickiest thing is that every country has got its own legislation. Imagine how Amazon, eBay handles the same? x2x eCommerce with microsoft dynamics gp ecommerce integration should be able to ease this process so you don’t need to spend hours for customization and research.

Also, your international invoices will help boost customer experiences. However, it should be able to invoice to foreign customers in their own languages and currencies. For example, you have a customer placing order in Beijing, your system should be compatible to generate invoices in Mandarin and the currency Yuan.

Invoices – Your effective branding tool

You wouldn’t have thought about this until you read the title, isn’t it? It’s true! Invoices are mandatory and necessary and partially acts as a branding tool for your customers. Designing your invoices is important which reflects your brand. Think about sending an amazing designed invoice to your customer? Doesn’t it create a better impression on your customers than a piece of lame paper?

It is a lost opportunity for building a stronger brand, never miss this!

How to sell online through GP?

x2x eCommerce supports global webstore platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify

  1. Use Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify as the front-end eCommerce

  2. Start selling right away with Amazon and other Marketplaces

  3. eCommerce module Dynamics GP

  4. Fully secure, PCI DSS enabled checkout

  5. Multi-device compatible

  6. Warehouse Management System compatible

  7. Custom eCommerce app for iPhone/Android

  8. Go Live in 4 weeks

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our experts at today for a 30-minute quick demo! Don’t forget to request for a 14-day free trial!



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