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How Amos Pewter automated their inventory and online invoices using x2x eCommerce

Case Study

Seasons’ greetings dear all! Today, we would love to share one of our Customer Case Studies so you know what we offer and how you can be benefited by choosing x2x eCommerce! Let us check out on how Amos Pewter achieved productivity by integration x2x eCommerce with their webstore and top-notch ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP. Amos Pewter is known for designing and creating pewter gifts and ornaments since 1974. Located in open studios in scenic Mahone Bay, on the vibrant Halifax Waterfront, Amos Pewter also has a fancy webstore to offer its services across the region. They have gained reputation for excellence in craftsmanship, design, and of course, customer service.

About our implementation

Amos has a large variety of gifts and ornaments. They wanted a revolutionary solution combining the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP and their Enterprise eCommerce. The pain areas were: 1. Generation of Online Invoices and entering it in Microsoft Dynamics GP. 2. Managing Stock/Inventory on both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Webstore. 3. Centralized Database

We, x2x eCommerce came with a wonderful solution that changed their lives! Checkout the below features, we have embedded within the integration suite for their webstore and ERP: 1. Dynamics ERP integrated eCommerce module 2. Live in 4 weeks 3. Fully secure, PCI DSS enabled checkout 4. Multi-device compatible 5. Warehouse Management System compatible 6. Custom eCommerce app for iPhone/Android

Features Enabled

In contrast, right from SKU’s to product images, all of Amos info was recorded at their Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. Integrating Dynamics GP to their webstore was a necessity that can be easily updated. SEM Amos was looking forward to a higher visibility webstore. Thanks to x2x eCommerce, Amos has increased their webstore traffic over the course in a matter of few months.

We are very happy that we have automated our processes using x2x ecommerce, it has resulted in significant timesaving for us, as there is not a need to invoice online orders received. With the integration into GP, we have eliminated the need for staff to enter orders as they now go directly in our system. Being in an essentially live environment makes for improved accuracy and labour savings. – Terri L, Amos Pewter

eCommerce Integration

Certainly, Amos was looking forward to achieving a fast ever-growing webstore market with their new website, updated features and marketing campaigns. As a result, the very first step was to build a webstore, which is easy to navigate that comes with a clean design. Thanks to x2x eCommerce, the system comes with the best admin capabilities, easy inventory management with bulk product image uploads, reviews, ERP integration and more.

ERP Integration

Similarly, Amos was looking for a user-friendly tool to move online orders and customers into their ERP software. Finally with x2x eCommerce, we integrated their webstore with Microsoft Dynamics GP suite that allowed all their sales invoices moved to Dynamics GP within minutes! This saved lot of manual interventions and number of hours drastically.

Natural/Organic Search

Amos offers pewter gifts and ornaments since 1974. The ultimate aim was to rank for gifts and ornaments keywords. There was a drastic increase in their natural/organic search and thanks to the webstore platform that contains the SEO module inbuilt.



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