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Why is it a good idea to integrate GP with RMH?

Integration of Retail Management Hero with Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration is a robust program made to sync and update information between Retail Management Hero and Microsoft Dynamics GP, including master data and retail sales and purchase transactions.

It may be difficult for businesses who sell in-store to update their financial data in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, without risking the confidentiality of their accounting information when utilizing a POS solution like Retail Management Hero (RMH).

When two systems are integrated within a two-way fashion, like RMH to Dynamics GP, automation is achieved via streamlined workflows. At certain times, information about products, stock, buyers, and sellers is sent between the two databases. All of the RMH POS locations' sales, purchases, and stock counts are synced up with Dynamics GP without any manual intervention. The end result is that the linked retail locations run smoothly, and management can see how well those stores are doing thanks to the analytical data provided by Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Customers, Vendors, Items, Sales, Purchases, Inventory Transfers, and Adjustments may all be synchronized between x2x RMH and Microsoft Dynamics GP with the help of this integration solution.

x2x automating business processes with Microsoft Dynamics GP Retail Management Hero is possible because of the platform's two-way interfaces, which guarantee that data is automatically updated with next-to-no human intervention. By eliminating the possibility of human error during data entry, this automation helps to save both time and money.

RMH-GP Integration Features:

1. Customer Management

RMH is used to establish selected Dynamics GP Customers, complete with the customer's details and any applicable credit limitations. If it is necessary to do so, new customers that are generated in RMH at the point of sale may also be created in Dynamics GP. Any time a customer's name, address, etc.

2. Price Management

Create a pricing list for Dynamics GP that includes the RMH Price, Price A, Price B, and Price C in addition to the MSRP. Any time a price is modified in Dynamics GP, the corresponding modification is made in RMH. Perform tasks using both the Standard and Extended Pricing modules that are available in Dynamics GP

3. Item Management

Using the RMH item management module, users may create new Microsoft Dynamics GP products. Data such as SKU, description, cost, and UOM are sent from Dynamics GP to RMH when an item is generated. If you make a modification in Dynamics GP about an item, it will immediately reflect in RMH.

4. Vendor Management

RMH can be integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics GP vendors. It’s an option to narrow down the list of General Practice Vendors that can be connected with RMH. Integration of vendors is essential in order to guarantee that GP Vendors may be accessed throughout the process of generating and receiving transactions in GP.

5. Purchase Management

The Purchase Management system makes it possible to create a receipt for the inventory that was bought from the vendor or suppliers. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, an inventory order may be received either as a shipment or as a shipment with an invoice. The integration of purchases guarantees that the inventory on both ends is always up to date.

Additional Business Benefits:

  • The installation is quick and uncomplicated.

  • It automates the most important business procedures.

  • Reduces the amount of work and time required for operations

  • Elimination of mistakes that occurred during order processing.

  • Avoid making mistakes that may cost you a lot of money due to poor data input.

  • The integration solution is simple and straightforward to use.

  • Only a minimal amount of training is required for integration.

Looking for more reasons and convincing patterns in favor of merging RMH with Microsoft Dynamic GP?

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