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Fully manage your Shopify eCommerce with x2x eCommerce RMH/RMS Suite

Hassle free management of popular Shopify Site directly from Retail Management Hero (RMH)

Benefits of x2x Integrating Retail Management Hero (RMH) and Shopify

1. Easily integrate Shopify with your ERP/POS Solution

Reliable Shopify – RMH  suite allows you to easily manage your Shopify data from Retail Manager Hero.

2. x2x RMH Product Manager

Upload products, departments, categories, images, attributes, variants and SEO information from RMH to Shopify.

3. Automatic or Manual Integration

Setup a scheduler to transfer the data between RMH and Shopify automatically through a scheduler or on demand.

4. RMH Shopify Order Manager

Allows you to choose the payment and order status of Shopify order to download. Create customers, payment methods and taxes on the fly.

5. Integrate with Store or Headquarter/Central

Upload items and other related information from RMS Headquarter or RMH Central or store. Order is downloaded to Stores.

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