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x2x DYNAMICS GP- Shopify Integration: Features & Benefits.

The eCommerce segment is nowadays a significant contributor to any business’s success. With many businesses now operating their eCommerce stores, syncing of product information, price, and inventory is crucial between the backend ERP & front-end eCommerce store. Furthermore, the ever-increasing competition demands a quicker fulfillment process. Therefore, catering to these requirements, integrated experience between an ERP and eCommerce holds great significance.

x2x eCommerce GP-Shopify:

Integration between platforms allows the users to leverage them to their best. x2x GP-Shopify integration is one such solution designed with the aim to provide a great experience. Not only the interface is very user-friendly, but the solution also offers great flexibility; allowing the user to define parameters and select options according to their business needs rendering a flexible and easy-to-use platform.

Features of x2x Dynamics GP- Shopify Integration

Management of Products:

How you present your product on your web store has a great impact on the buying behavior of customers. Therefore, eCommerce platforms offer great flexibility when it comes to product display. On the other hand, ERPs have their own way of defining products. With x2x GP-Shopify you can manage your Shopify products from GP. Furthermore, it offers the capability to generate parent/child items from GP and upload it to Shopify; representing and generating them in a way that is compatible with Shopify eCommerce web stores. Some other functionalities that integration provides you are:

  1. Updating/Uploading Images from GP to Shopify.

  2. Assignment of Items to Collections.

  3. Update/Upload Products from GP to Shopify.

Management of Price:

It’s very important to have prices updated on your eCommerce web store. With x2x GP-Shopify you can always have prices updated on your web store. You can:

  1. Select the Price level to be uploaded/updated to the web store.

  2. Schedule the Price Update in addition to updating it anytime.

Management of inventory:

With updated inventory on your eCommerce store prevent overselling or underselling and ensure a perfect balance of demand & Supply. You can:

  1. Update Inventory automatically at set time intervals through Scheduler.

  2. Update it anytime as well whenever required.

  3. Select which GP location to upload inventory from.

Management of customers:

The integration offers great flexibility in terms of customer management as well. Choose to use guest customers or create web customers for every order. Also, you can create customers on either platform and download them to the other. You can also:

  1. Create Customers on Shopify from GP.

  2. Create Customers from Shopify to GP.

Management of orders:

One great feature of the GP-Shopify integration is the instantaneous availability of web orders into the GP platform. This allows you to process and fulfill your web orders from GP, updating the fulfillment and payment status on your web store. You can:

  1. Select the payment status of orders to download.

  2. Select the fulfillment status of orders to download.

  3. Download web orders at anytime or Schedule the process.


x2x GP-Shopify is a very extensive platform handling and providing a wide range of functions, other than those discussed above. Our team of experts can discuss with you your requirement and set up an integrated solution accordingly. Furthermore, feel free to reach out to us for a product demo.



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