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x2x All-in-one RMH eCommerce Solution Packages

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x2xeCommerce offers various kind of packages when it comes to eCommerce integration solutions for RMH users that meet requirements for all type of people. Each package is designed to meet the requirements of different stages of business growth. In this article, we’ll discuss different packages for the x2xeCommerce RMH All-in-One integration solution and how each package is suitable for each type of business. This will help you consider the package that suits you best.

Starter Package of x2x All-in-One RMH Solution

This package serves as an entry-level package for businesses entering into the online domain. At $295 per month, this allows the user to select from 25 pre-designed themes that offer an intuitive and attractive user interface. The package also includes live chat features and 5 CMS pages allowing the business to establish its credibility for a strong customer base and enrich its webstore with relevant information about its webstore. With 15 GB data storage you can upload upto 5,000 products and offer your customer wide range of variety. This makes the starter package ideal for small businesses entering the eCommerce domain. 

Growth Package of x2x All-in-One RMH Solution

Priced at $395 per month this package aims at businesses expanding their business. Other than the 25 themes offered in the Starter Package this package also allows bringing your own theme allowing you to maintain your brand consistency. With 10 CMS pages, you also have expanded flexibility towards SEO and marketing content that helps you grow organic traffic to your site and increase sales. This package can support upto 25,000 products and allows data migration from other selected systems making it a suitable package for medium-sized businesses that are looking to establish a robust online infrastructure as they scale their business for growth.

Enterprise Package of x2x All-in-One RMH Solution

The enterprise package offers the most functionalities of the three packages for big and established businesses. At $495 per month get up to 15 CMS pages for extensive SEO & marketing and reach your desired audience with ease that brings you enhanced profitability and greater success. Plus, 50 GB of space allows you to list upto 50,000 products. The Enterprise Package brings additional features that enable large businesses to offer excellent services with Geo Location features and comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. With these relevant tools, these large businesses can cater to their requirement to understand their customers better and get important insights that help them drive effective marketing strategies and maintain a competitive edge in the market.


In summary, the x2xeCommerce RMH All-in-One integration solution offers thoughtfully made packages for businesses at various stages of growth. The starter package is suitable for entrants, while the growth package caters to growing and scaling businesses, and the enterprise package is suited to large-scale operations. All packages offers seamless integration solution along with important tools for marketing and customer engagement. Businesses can go with the package that aligns with their needs and if they believe a customized solution is required x2xeCommerce can also provide them with one after carefully analyzing your needs. Reach out to x2xeCommerce for any query or a free demo.



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