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Why you should choose the best Microsoft Dynamics GP integration with eCommerce?

With the current pandemic situation, it has become quite challenging these days to attract customers to your services or products. If you want to bring an edge towards your products, inventory, operations, and finance, you need a perfect business suite to better manage all these areas. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a perfect business management solution for both small and medium-sized businesses across the world. It is scalable and stable to support your business needs for the current and the future.

What’s the best part? You can integrate your eCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP – What’s it all about?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the best configurable, scalable tools that adapt to various business types and sizes. It is known as the second-best Enterprise Resource Planning software in terms of usage.

How does it help? It mainly supports account management, intelligence data, and inventory management. The easy customization and adaptability bring better efficiency for organizations. Speaking about teamwork, the tool facilitates the same by connecting people and systems in one place.

Why should you use Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Let’s look into some of the pros that Microsoft Dynamics offers to its users:

· It can be connected with all CRMs, online frontend, and other applications.

· Without depending on developers, you can add fields and boxes with ease.

· You can easily focus on strategic initiatives and planning as the tool facilitates management with customization, integration tools to lowering costs.

· You can easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP with Magento (A Top-notch eCommerce platform)

Did you know?

· Microsoft Dynamics GP is built so that it looks like Microsoft Office packages that are no alien to end-users today. This helps users get adapted to the tool in no time, enhancing productivity levels in a shorter period.

· Available on both on-premise hosted and cloud options.

· The add-on products and in-depth functionalities make Microsoft Dynamics GP a better solution for organizations.

· Employees are now able to generate customized reports on Microsoft Dynamics GP easily – which in turn makes them take effective business decisions improving organizational operations seamlessly.

· Role-based insights, performance reports, and custom dashboards can be made readily available in your Microsoft Dynamics GP interface.

· Microsoft Dynamics GP meets your organization’s tailored business needs beyond financial reporting/management.

· It gets along with the contemporary requirements of organizations which provides data insights for better decision making.

· Microsoft Dynamics GP supports multiple units or companies.

· It has got a comprehensive and perfect payroll feature.

Why do you need a Microsoft Dynamics GP and eCommerce Integration?

Tools like x2x eCommerce Dynamics GP to Magento integration suite is one of the pioneers to add an eCommerce module to Microsoft Dynamics GP and follows the latest comprehensive web-front features provided by Magento eCommerce.

The integration suite provides bi-directional integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Magento platform. This brings the full advantage of the flexibility and capability of both platforms as most of the tasks are automated.

Benefits of having Microsoft Dynamics GP and eCommerce integration

It is essential for end users like us to know how these integration tools help us streamline our businesses. Let’s find out how:

· Eradicate costly errors as a result of faulty data entry.

· Seamless sync of both platforms.

· Reducing deployment time using x2x eCommerce integration suite.

· Adding connections anytime and anywhere.

· You will be able to free up resources and time to focus on business growth.

· Removal of order processing errors.

· Minimal training is required for these integration suites.

Integration areas for Microsoft Dynamics GP and eCommerce platform

Dynamics GP to an eCommerce platform

· Multi-tier price levels

· Inventory items

· Product images

· Categories and subcategories

· Shipment information and

· Business-to-Business customer information

An eCommerce platform to Microsoft Dynamics GP

· Payment methods

· Shipping methods

· Tax ID and rates information

· Business-to-Consumer information

· Sales order information

· Attributes and attribute sets

Want to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP and eCommerce platform integration?

We, x2x eCommerce experts are organizing a 1-hour webinar next month for businesses like yours to learn about the benefits which you can attain using eCommerce integration suites like ours.

x2x eCommerce Dynamics GP-Magento integration suite helps companies better manage their ERP and eCommerce portals. It adds an eCommerce module to your existing Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. Managing your Magento site will be easier as you have never seen before!

How Dynamics Partners can generate recurring income by helping their clients to sell online and offer curbside pickup!

That’s why we planned to conduct a webinar for Microsoft Dynamics GP customers or partners where you or your clients can sell online and offer curbside pickup features in no time!

The webinar is on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, at 11:00 AM EST.

x2x eCommerce offers an add-on module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics NAV; and Microsoft Dynamics GP that seamlessly connects and manages Magento and Shopify eCommerce from Dynamics ERP.

Our speakers will discuss the latest offerings from these top-notch platforms, how to beat the online competition and painlessly manage their online presence from their ERP and how Dynamics partners can leverage this opportunity to assist their clients to remain competitive in the new post-COVID reality.

To sign up, please click here!

We will also share one of our customer’s success stories as to how one of our customers automated their processes using x2x eCommerce and improved their labor savings and accuracy.

Reach out to us for more info.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


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