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Why is my store not making any sales?


We have put a great deal of effort on the eCommerce site with almost everything that we thought was needed – getting great images, extensive and relevant description of products, checkout button and much more – but haven’t closed a single sale. Why?

Short Answer

Your Webstore is not geared to generate sales as much as your competition Webstore is. Here is why


Just because you have built an eCommerce web store doesn’t mean that people will flock to it. A good number of startups spend extraordinary time and effort in setting up their online store – only to find no one buys anything from their store. With many billions of websites competing for business, it is a fight to attract traffic that can be converted to and generate revenue.

eCommerce Site

The most important reason for a store which is not getting traction from the customer is the eCommerce site itself. There can be multitude of factors that contribute to the success or failure on online eCommerce store.

eCommerce Store Web Site Builder

The most important reason for a store which is not getting traction from the customer is the eCommerce site itself. There can be a multitude of factors that contribute to the success or failure of an online eCommerce store.

eCommerce Store Web Site Builder

It is an over-simplification not true that all the eCommerce solutions available in the market do the same job i.e. help develop a website on which you can host your Webstore.

Developing a site on a program that uses the well-known eCommerce platform allows you to enjoy the benefit of using the latest technologies and the powerful features included in the solution.

Solutions like Magento eCommerce has a customer base of 250,000 businesses, a big development team and a huge ecosystem of 150k independent developers who continue to create the program and applications for the solution.

On the other hand, if you use a program that was developed by a company with very small customer base like 100 to 500 and a development team of 8 to 10 people, there is no way that this developer can keep up with the latest development and innovation in the industry. Even a company like eBay who owns Magento cannot keep up with the new developments in the industry without the team of independent developers scattered all around the world.

Not enough traffic OR not the right traffic

Both problems are unique in nature but point out in the same direction which is that the right customer of your website is not being approached. Either the customers are not being approached as they should be or not the right people are being targeted in your marketing campaign.

Bringing traffic to your website require a lot of base work before you even register a site for your Webstore. Have you developed Persona of your customer? Have you done the SEO, are you using all the various tools and software available that help you rank your site higher than others, are you taking the advantage of social media?

All these are big questions with a big knowledge behind them. Your competition, most probably, is using the latest technologies and tools available in the market today. They may also be using an eCommerce software that is capable to quickly adapt itself to the new technologies as they are introduced in the market allowing them to outperform your eCommerce website.

How can I take benefit of top of line eCommerce program and still can manage my website from my Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP?

Your requirement to manage your eCommerce store from your Dynamics GP ERP should not pull you down and even after having a nice looking and comprehensive website, you should not be wondering why your competition is outperforming you.

X2X eCommerce – a different concept in integrated eCommerce

x2xecommerce Chart

X2X eCommerce add a new module to Dynamics GP to add new features in Dynamics GP which are required by the eCommerce program but do not exist in any ERP system like Product Catalog, SEO integration, web related information for the products, customer price level and much more

Higher Sales lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Magento eCommerce front end is known to have higher sales and a third total cost of ownership. X2X uses Magento eCommerce interface to develop your eCommerce website which allows it to use all the benefit of the technologies already developed by Magento developers all over the globe to bring your site on top of the competition and to beat the competition.



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