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Why choose Magento as an eCommerce platform?

5.7 trillion dollars! Yes, you read that right; that’s the size of the global e-commerce industry. Considering this, there’s no doubt that any business wouldn’t want to enter the eCommerce segment. However, when it comes to entering the e-commerce market, as big as the eCommerce industry is, it presents myriads of options to choose from. Therefore, to completely leverage the eCommerce industry one must carefully understand which is the best choice for them. Magento, an eCommerce platform, is one such choice.

What is Magento?

When it comes to having an eCommerce presence the first thing that comes to mind is a good functional website. Magento is the perfect answer! Catering to all the needs of an online selling platform Magento comes packed with great features allowing you to manage your eCommerce operations from a single platform. Whether it’s products, categories, inventory, or orders management; these and all other aspects of eCommerce management are covered by the Magento Platform. Some other features that make Magento a great platform are discussed below:

Selling with artificial intelligence:

Bring customized experience for your customers by letting your platform learn individual behaviors and suggest relevant buying recommendations to increase average cart value to improve revenue.

Business intelligence:

Remain cognizant of your business data with great analytical and reporting tools. Magento acts as the data hub of your eCommerce operations. With rich visualizations, reporting tools and data management make great informed decisions efficiently.

Multi-channel commerce:

Unify all your selling channels and approaches through a single platform. Manage multiple sites, and brands, sell in different countries and languages and sell to b2b & b2c customers from a centralized platform

Flexible fulfillment options:

Gain ahead in the competition by adding convenience for your customers through multiple fulfillment options. Allow them to choose from curbside or store pick-up from their preferred store. Moreover, let your employees easily manage stock positions according to the pick-up times to reduce waiting time for customers.

What makes Magento special?

Magento comes with great features to enhance your business experience, but what makes it great is its open-source platform and its headless commerce capability that enables customization, flexibility, and room to scale as you need it.

Customization & Flexibility:

Magento recognizes every business has its signature; with its CMS you can design your website from element to element as you like. With Magento you can:

  • Use easy drag-and-drop tools to manage content.

  • Preview and set a schedule to publish content in the future.

  • Save pages as templates to use them on multiple sites.

  • Develop integrations for the page builder to enhance CMS capabilities.

And, thanks to its headless experience, it's flexible and agile as well allowing you to make changes efficiently and instantly as needed to provide personalization and a better user interface experience without the need to make changes to your backend.


Each business comes with its demands and requirements, and Magento caters to this. The capability of Magento becomes more enhanced with thousands of apps and add-ons available. Furthermore, with its integration capabilities, you can connect your Magento platform with other business solutions to have a more centralized and connected experience.

Get your Magento with us:

With so many options and great flexibility, Magento is a fully customizable solution for any business looking for a personalized, functional website. However, setting up and installing the website using a platform with so many options requires some expertise. The x2xcommerce team is experienced in providing business solutions to eCommerce companies and can help you set up your webstore on Magento just as per your requirements so you just focus on running your business.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time to discuss your needs and we’ll be more than happy to help you.



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