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Trends to look for in eCommerce Industry - 2022

Happy New Year! I’m sure you had a great time and are back from a long vacation. It’s 2022 and there’s a lot to explore as to where we are headed in 2022.

The COVID seasons have brought in a lot of learnings and experiences for organizations and eCommerce has become of the booming sectors today.

As we have entered a new year, we had evaluated a couple of eCommerce platforms and businesses to understand what role they will play this year.

As you have noticed, the eCommerce segment has been showing steady growth over the past few years and has no signs of slowing down. Why would it do so? Don’t you agree that shopping has become way easier now? You got a dozen of payment options too which doesn’t stop anyone to shop anymore! Right from groceries, perfumes to expensive jewels, order from our homes without any hassle.

The pandemic has brought fundamental changes to the ways how people shop and make purchase decisions. The industry has skyrocketed real high where historically offline customers also downloaded eCommerce applications onto their devices to make purchases within the four walls at home. The previous two years have generated millions of new eCommerce customers which includes people from small cities and towns that have made them more comfortable making purchases online.

With the increase in internet penetration, eCommerce companies are expecting new growth from various regions that will cumulatively contribute to USD $150 billion of eCommerce as per RedSeer Consulting’s report.

As we enter a new year and e-commerce further expands its presence deeper into the country, we would like to share a couple of eCommerce Trends that are expected to pick up in 2022.

1. Continuing to grow headless eCommerce

2. The need for customized packaging for customers

3. Targeting first time buyers – Following special strategies

4. Relying on Drone delivery

5. Green consumerism

6. Shopping with voice recognition

7. Importance of omnichannel strategy to go higher

8. Instagram marketing will be one of the important aspects of e-commerce marketing moving forward.

As you see the above pointers, the e-commerce trends in 2022 promise a bright future for the industry. Online shopping has become a game-changer and has changed the looks of eCommerce websites indefinitely.

There are several eCommerce integration suites that are available today to suit your eCommerce business needs.


2. Dynamics 365 BC Magento

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4. RMH eCommerce Integration

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At x2x eCommerce, our experts keep up with the trends and ensure our clients get their webstore business integrated with the latest solutions and technologies. If you are looking for the right solution and experts to grow your eCommerce business, please feel free to reach out to us!

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