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Sell more with x2x eCommerce powered by Dynamics GP!

First of all, managing operations is an increasingly tough and complicated manner fraught with converting customer movements and growing opposition. One of the best features of Microsoft suite is that they offer lower priced software that streamlines all the functions to your organization.

x2x eCommerce is powered by Microsoft Dynamics GP!

How about adding eCommerce module to your Microsoft Dynamics GP? In addition, it integrates all the enterprise capabilities—from lower back-give up stock to the front-cease consumer dating management—to improve organizational performance and come up with an aggressive marketplace advantage.

This blog goes through a deep dive into Microsoft Dynamics GP eCommerce capability and furthermore how it may work with organization useful resource planning gear to improve your commercial enterprise capabilities.

Difference between ERP and eCommerce

The sum is constantly higher than the components. Within the case of Microsoft, the whole factor of integrating ERP and e-commerce is that the partnership between these effective tools makes them better than if they had been used one by one.

SMBs that leverage Microsoft Dynamics ERP features can use them to improve backend techniques ranging from:

  1. Accounting and monetary management

  2. Company intelligence and reviews

  3. Human Resources and payroll

  4. Stock control and production

  5. Sales and CRM

Now imagine including e-commerce to boom your bottom line. Let’s take a more in-depth have a look at how the 2 systems honestly supplement each different.

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics GP eCommerce

In keeping with marketers, e-commerce is predicted to extend from USD $1.67 in 2015 to USD $358 B by 2019. Microsoft Dynamics GP with eCommerce assists you to reach your prospects/customers each time they’re geared up to buy 24/7 a week, 365 days a year. Here are many the simple advantages to including Dynamics GP eCommerce store to your sturdy Microsoft suite.

Sell and Sell

Adding a one-stop e-commerce shop will permit clients to examine the capabilities and publishing your products online, freeing up some of the time, your sales group could spend convincing customers to buy. Putting in place the x2x eCommerce function is easy and quick, because of this you can focus on using sales in place of worrying about its infrastructure. The robust content material management skills inside the Microsoft suite will help with search engine optimization (SEO), improving your visibility with new customers whilst also enhancing the revel in of present customers.

E-commerce shops can also create passive profits to your enterprise, widening your reach by increasing beyond your bricks and mortar storefront and into the digital era. In reality, 80% of the users have made purchases in some unspecified time in the future.

Cross mobile

Commerce is going on all around us. The inflow of digital devices has allowed each person to shop any time they need. That’s why it’s very important for eCommerce platform you choose to be absolutely functioning from the laptop to mobile. With the x2x eCommerce application, clients may have a seamless revel in across any virtual device, which includes:

  1. iPhone

  2. Android smartphone

  3. Windows smartphone 7

  4. iPad

  5. Desktops

  6. Laptops

Statistics analytics

E-commerce additionally approaches massive facts on your enterprise. As an example, you could collect and collate records within the ERP solution, which helps you to find out who’s honestly shopping your products. Then you can use the advertising features of the ERP to send promotional emails straight from the e-store in the direction of your goal audiences primarily based on their buying patterns and personal opinion. They will witness a great experience while sending them a personalized conversation, and you’ll earn more commercial enterprise as you preserve new customers.

Stepped forward achievement

Order achievement can occur straight from Dynamics GP solution as your online payment takes place in actual time, making order achievement extra efficient and correct. Inventory stages pull straight from the ERP and update on the eCommerce web portal. Our answer can keep your customers know of any glitches in the call for and delivery of inventory.

Accounting and receivables

Tracking A/R tied to eCommerce is straightforward and almost critical to measuring the overall performance of your business. Dynamics GP integrates with the eCommerce platform and automates the processes that used to take hours. Most of all, self-populating among capabilities means you only enter the statistics as soon as, which reduces the common errors that plague guide facts access. The dynamics GP ERP software also helps automate income order information and tax facts from e-commerce to GP.

Dynamics GP and e-commerce – quit ending enterprise solutions

Hence, the above reasons shows why eCommerce plays a great role in organizations. Enhancing the customer satisfaction and creating 24/7 sales on your business way; x2x eCommerce Microsoft Dynamics GP eCommerce solution keeps offering the ROI your business wishes for decades.

Including an internet order entry function for your Microsoft GP subscription is straightforward. The x2x eCommerce offers out-of-the-field seamless integration with your latest platform. The user interface is very user friendly and simple to understand, which lessens any customer service troubles you may face upon move-stay.

Therefore, if you’d want to attempt a free demo of the x2x eCommerce, get in touch with us today.



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