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MS Dynamics 365 Business Central to Magento Integration by x2x eCommerce

x2x eCommerce, being in the business of implementation and integration for years provides seamless integration between the Magento platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system. Our Dynamics 365 BC - Magento Integration module combines the power and intelligence of Microsoft ERP with the scalability and flexibility of Magento features, hence improving growth and driving efficiency. x2x eCommerce ensures the synchronization of critical eCommerce data, including web orders, customer information, products details, inventory status, and much more, between Magento eCommerce and Dynamics 365 BC.

Product Management:

Creating products on the Magento store is a bit tricky as it requires creating simple products by first defining their attributes and then these simple products attached with the configurable products. Whereas in Business Central there is no such possibility to perform these all steps directly. If items in BC can be uploaded on the Magento site, then still a lot of work remains to do manually to make it a sole product to appear on the main website. But with the x2x integration module, all this work is done easily in Business Central, and uploading a complete product to the main store is just a matter of a click.

Inventory Management:

Manage stock updates and inventory levels from Business Central to Magento store smoothly. Either upload them in bulk or automate the process, do it any way you want. Moreover, inventory count is updated on order processing through Business Central. Thus, the correct and synchronized information is available at any given time for the customers as well as the staff responsible for the replenishment of items.

Order Management:

Fasten Sales Order processing by Importing Magento web orders effortlessly in Business Central. Downloaded Orders contain all sales data including tax details and can easily be processed and fulfilled from Business Central. The fulfillment status can also be uploaded to the web store.

Price Management:

The integration module allows to upload/update both Prices and tier prices in bulk or for a single item as well. Updating different prices levels of an item like retail price, wholesale price, etc. directly from Business Central to Magento store is a key advantage for businesses dealing with all kinds of Customers simultaneously.

Customer Management:

Customers from Business Central can be uploaded to the Magento store and Magento store Customers either logged in, or the ones who don’t have an account on Magento can be created easily in Business Central. This data will help to get more insight into the customer preferences and to improve their buying experience.

These are only the prominent features that we are offering. Our team works dedicatedly to make the integration experience for our clients as smooth as possible. So, Optimize your operations with our Integration. For further details on Integration, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist our customers in deciding on a solution that works best for them. Please visit x2x eCommerce, email us at or call us at 888 929 3266. Get your Demo now!!!


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