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Modules in x2x Retail Management Hero POS - Dynamics GP ERP Integration

Businesses like a solution that is highly compatible with their processes and can be set up accordingly. The best part about x2x eCommerce integrations is to provide configuration flexibility to its users. Apart from this option, x2x Retail Management Hero (RMH) to Microsoft Dynamics GP integration also provides the liberty of modules selection.

There is a separate module in x2x RMH-GP integration for every featured action. Users can choose to enable only those modules that are needed to meet their operational needs. In the Modules section, checkmark the desired ones, and the integration will perform the corresponding actions.

There are three main areas in this section as per the key functionalities. The highlights of each are discussed below:

Download Items

This module lets you download GP items to RMH. Downloading all items from Dynamics GP lets you make sure that all the items exist in both RMH and GP. This eliminates any possibility of an item mismatch. The item can be downloaded through the Scheduler or manually.

Download Prices

It helps in downloading the prices from Dynamics GP to RMH. The solution integrates both the Standard and Extended Pricing in GP. x2x RMH GP allows integrating five different price levels between RMH and Dynamics GP in standard pricing. In extended pricing, different price sheets are integrated.

Download Customers

You are allowed to download the customers from GP to RMH. The downloaded data can be verified from RMH Central, to ensure credibility. Customer download filter is used to filter the Dynamics GP customers to create only those customers who are a part of the defined Customer Class.

Upload Customers

You can upload the customers created in RMH to Dynamics GP conveniently. To upload the customers created in RMH to Dynamics GP, the consolidation of the Named Customers should be disabled in the Configuration.

Upload Sales

It also allows uploading the sales transactions from RMH to Dynamics GP. Make sure to create an invoice per batch in GP for sales to walk-in customers. Individual invoices should be created in GP for AR Customers from RMH. Finally, create consolidated or individual invoices in GP for Named Customers.

Upload Returns

You can upload the sales returns from RMH to Dynamics GP. Be sure to process the sales returns in RMH POS. The returns should be posted individually to Dynamics GP.

Upload Sales Payments

It allows uploading payments received from the AR customers in RMH to Dynamics GP. The payment received in RMH is applied against the RMH invoices. When the payment is uploaded to Dynamics GP, the payment should be applied to the same invoices in GP.

Download Suppliers

You can quickly download Suppliers/Vendors from Dynamics GP to RMH. After Vendor data is downloaded from Dynamics GP to RMH Central, verify it from RMH Central. You should be able to see the Vendors and their prices based on the price level or price sheet assigned to the Vendors.

Upload Purchase Receipts

This feature allows uploading the purchase receipts in RMH. All the purchase receipts are entered in RMH as Purchase Order receipts. Before the PO is created and uploaded, the user has to ensure that the Vendor & the item exist in Dynamics GP, and the item has been assigned to the Vendor in Dynamics GP.

This blog discussed some central focal points of the integration; please feel free to reach out to us for details. x2x eCommerce is here to assist you in deciding a solution that works best for you and your customers. Please visit, email us at, or call us at 888 929 3266 to get a Free Demo.

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