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How x2x eCommerce supports the Retail Industry?

x2x eCommerce comes with a full blown eCommerce integration suite powered by Microsoft RMS, Retail Management Hero and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Furthermore, it is facilitated for top-notch webstore solutions available today, our customers have been using x2x eCommerce to boost their webstores built on Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

Therefore with x2x eCommerce, you can always start selling right away. So let your retail application manage and keep your webstore updated in real time!

In contrast, today users are not just looking for options; they are demanding. Due to higher competition, webstores are compelled to go with appealing content and designs, faster page performance and user-friendly experience.

Whether you are kick starting an eCommerce business or looking forward to upgrading your existing solution, x2x eCommerce is the perfect choice. Furthermore, our team provides invoicing and inventory management features which deeply integrates with your top-notch ERP suites. It will assist you in managing frontend selling and backend processes from a single roof.

How x2x eCommerce can help?

#1. Architecture

x2x eCommerce helps you to build your webstore with user-friendly architecture to manage/create content in several formats that connects with popular keyword searches. Your webstore is also integrated with leading web analytical tools for measuring effectiveness.

#2. Branding

Consequently, a popular webstore starts with a full-blown webstore customized according to your brand. Therefore, with design flexibility and great feature options of any software available, x2x eCommerce will empower your brand in no time.

#3. Product Catalog

Thanks to x2x eCommerce – It’s inventory management feature assists you to manage product catalog without any hassle. You an easily optimize product searches, promotion, presentation, channel placement and of course, pricing inorder to boost your online sales.

#4. Expertise in Retail Industry

x2x eCommerce has served various B2C companies across the world. With over 19 years of software and domain expertise, as a result, we know what features businesses are looking for. So, what is our strength? We deliver our solutions in less than 2 weeks’ time!

#5. Order Processing

Consequently, it doesn’t matter if you are selling products on a single website or several marketplaces or branded websites. Above all, your transactions and related information are processed centrally and available real time.

#6. Your Options

x2x eCommerce for Retail is available in two variants.

Retail eCommerce -Standard

  1. Order download

  2. Inventory Items

  3. Categories and subcategories

  4. Items assignment to categories

  5. multi-tier price levels

  6. Product images

  7. SEO information

  8. Item quantities

  9. Shipment information

Retail eCommerce -Lite

  1. Easy to use

  2. Works from the POS screen

  3. Choose the order type (Paid/Unpaid)

  4. Choose the order status

  5. Use generic customer to save orders

  6. Ship and invoice orders from POS

  7. Complete activity tracking

  8. Syn POS and eCommerce items



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