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How to prepare WooCommerce with Invoice and Inventory Management Suite?

All right, we have been talking a lot about Retail Management Hero with Magento and Shopify. As per the requests from our customers, we decided to work on x2x eCommerce with WooCommerce integration with top-notch ERP suites like Microsoft Dynamics GP and Retail Management Hero.

To the WooCommerce users out there, if you are looking for an integration platform that helps you manage Inventory and Invoices within a click of a button, x2x eCommerce is the right choice!

Have you updated the latest 3.5.0? We believe that you are all delighted to experience the latest features running on your webstore. Perhaps, you need to check out the update process again and make sure things are running perfectly.

Thanks to the WordPress environment (80% of the websites are on WordPress), the open source platform has given everyone to create virtually to enhance their websites/webstore. The only con that you can find that it is difficult to predict the future when thousands of new add-ons are created in different environments under different scenarios.

How can you gear up for this latest update? In addition, it is advisable to choose an integration suite to handle your inventory and invoice management without any hassle.

Tests for every release/major release

After the first stages, you will have the automated backups functional and a test environment for testing. You can prepare your production/live environment as your real-time data or customers are not affected by the changes. You will also learn on how you can handle the obstacles that you face during the testing period.

The plan depends on how to see your webstore’s future. Check out the following checklist for a perfect plan:

  1. Preparing test site and checking out each releases

  2. The testing environments – is it only the test site or other sites?

  3. The testing period

  4. Stakeholders who will be involved in the process

  5. What sort of requirements requires testing?

Well, you might feel natural and less awkward when it comes to including bug fixes, plugins/extensions setup when not working well together and working on the dev site.

The role of integration suite – x2x eCommerce

x2x eCommerce is a revolutionary solution that combines the power of top notch ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Retail Management Hero and Enterprise eCommerce for a feature rich, fully optimized, responsive and multi-device friendly web store that can be managed all within your ERP systems.

Features that you can benefit from:

  1. Powerful eCommerce Platform

  2. Multi-Level, Easy to Navigate Catalogs

  3. Live Product Integration

  4. Multi-Tier Customer Centric Item Pricing

  5. Webstore <-> ERP Order or Invoice Integration

  6. Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) eCommerce

  7. Sell 3 times more than lower TCO

  8. Top notch Business Analytics and Reporting

  9. Powerful and Personalized eCommerce Marketing

  10. Product Image Integration (Easy to update product Images in bulk)

  11. Mobile and multi-device compatible



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