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How to kick-start your ecommerce site with x2x eCommerce

First of all, not everything you need for your webstore may come in as a single package. There is over hundreds of solutions available today. Our solution, x2x eCommerce caters to all the eCommerce requirements. As a result, you can get started in less than 2 weeks and that is our guarantee!

Store management isn’t an easy task. How do you go about it? Let’s check it out:

1. Easy installation

x2x eCommerce allows you to integrate with your webstore easily! Your webstore design is unaffected and a simple software installation with the license key will solve your issues in no time!

2. Inventory Management

x2x eCommerce is a perfect inventory management suite that handles the inventory from your webstore to the financial solution or vice versa.

3. Upgrades

Don’t worry about the upgrades, security server configuration, SSL-certificates and hosting. All you need to focus on is by selling and the back end is handled by x2x eCommerce!

4. Track Inventory

You will always stay updated with your product statuses no matter what you sell – offline or online

4. Product Options

You will be able to setup your product variations/options based on the item features (sizes, colors, categories etc.)

5. Pricing Strategy

You can define different set of pricing for customers, wholesales differently. Set discount coupons, promo pricing, volume discounts and more to generate more sales.

6. Selling digital items

You can add digital items to your webstore similar to the physical products. Import inventory from excel spreadsheet to webstore instantly!

7. Shipping details

Setup different rates and provider details based on customers’ requirement and your preferences.

8. Quick Response

x2x eCommerce offers you a seamless experience. All regular functionalities are available within the screen and you can work on them without any hassle!

How about requesting a quick demo today? All you need is 30 minutes with our eCommerce experts and you will surely love it!



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