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How To Integrate Your eCommerce & Social Media?

All the ecommerce platforms and social media platforms have grown exponentially in the past few years. Most of the social media applications or websites today have over a billion users worldwide, and a huge proportion of the world’s population has moved to online shopping, i.e., ecommerce platforms amid the coronavirus pandemic. Even though the sales take place in an ecommerce store, social media serves as a place where you can attract both new and existing customers. Customers usually check the reviews in a social media platform before purchasing any product. When customers are presented with satisfactory reviews then the chances of them purchasing the product increases. And this is exactly why you must integrate your social media account with your ecommerce store. Let us look into the details of integrating your social media platform.

Embed social buttons in the store

If a visitor is going through your ecommerce store and wishes to know more about your brand and products, then it will be great if you add your social media button for them to easily access your social media accounts. When they click on the button and visit your brand, they can ensure the genuinity of the products and store. Many retailers and store owners do not embed the social button thinking that the customers will get distracted by it and will leave without making any purchases. But this is a misconception, actually most of the first time visitors leave without making any purchase, so when you give them a chance to interact with your brand, the chances of them purchasing a product increases.

Post product videos

People watch a lot of videos on social media platforms, you can make use of this opportunity to interact with your customers by showing them videos of newly launched or already existing products. You must ensure that the video is compelling enough so that it grabs the attention of the customers. The product video must be entertaining, short and to the point. You can easily exploit the Instagram stories to share videos of new products. Many people also prefer to view live streams, so you can also go for live streams on Facebook. Be sure to add a call to action to direct visitors to your ecommerce store.

Interact on social media

You should have frequent conversations with your customers as it is good for building a sense of trust with them. This will also present you with a chance to receive feedbacks and clarify any objections or doubts of your customers. Make sure that you listen to your customers’ complaints and queries properly and answer them with utmost sincerity. Try to be more friendly when you reply to the comments, if the tone sounds a bit angry or rude then it might lead to losing a few customers. Even if the customer seems to be angry with you, you must maintain composure and reply in a calm manner.

Add your logo everywhere

The face of your brand is your logo, you must intensively promote your logo so that people will recognize you immediately. In order to achieve this, you must place your logo in your ecommerce store, on your social media pages, your delivery packages, and wherever you can. When the customers see your logo on the ecommerce store, it will assure them that they are at the right place. Whenever you create a new image or video for posting on your social media page, add your logo to it.

Post user generated content

When you share images or videos created by your users, it will serve as an authentic and genuine form of customer feedback. This will play a very important role in attracting new customers. When people see the good experience of previous users, they will be more inclined to buy the products. In order to make the user generated content more effective, you can communicate with them regarding what you expect from them.

Add Facebook track pixel

The key to success for any ecommerce store is successful retargeting. Targeted ads are sent to people who have visited the online store. This will contain any offers or discounts related to the products they were searching. The Facebook tracking pixel feature can help you in identifying the products your customers have searched for and show them ads related to it. You can customize your conversions based on factors like purchase completed, content viewed, checkout initiated, and added to cart.

Use influencer marketing

You can hire a famous influencer to promote your store and brand in order to reach a more wider range of customers. If the influencer is related to the products you sell in any way, then it will be better. They will share your social media posts on their social media accounts, thus reaching their followers. Many stores use influencer marketing these days as it is considered to be a surefire way of increasing the reach of your ecommerce store. The influencer must also feel benefitted by your proposal of collaboration, then only they will agree to endorse your store and products.

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