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How is ecommerce business benefitting other businesses

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How do you evaluate the benefits of something? The answer is simple: by looking at its impact on other things in society. In the business world, different businesses depend on each other, complementing each other and ensuring the end-value-proposition of each other to the customers. In the business ecosystem, ecommerce plays a significant part and has contributed to the success of many other businesses; without the advent of ecommerce, many of these businesses wouldn’t be this profitable as they are today. Since ecommerce operations are greatly linked to these businesses, it’s vital to understand how the ecommerce industry has benefited them.

ecommerce business benefitting the Shipping industry

While the Shipping industry is not new to the business world, its dynamics have certainly changed after the arrival of ecommerce. The booming of ecommerce means that more and more people are shopping online, and thus the need to deliver goods from warehouses to customers has increased significantly. Furthermore, catering especially to ecommerce needs, many shipping companies have introduced new services such as same-day delivery and offering order handling and warehousing facilities to ecommerce businesses benefitting both types of businesses. Some giant ecommerce companies have even started their shipping facilities to cater to the great shipping demands of products. Consequently, the success of ecommerce no doubt has created a dynamic shift in the shipping industry, enhancing both its potential and economics.

ecommerce business benefitting Web development industry

Any business can’t flourish without there being other businesses and services that provide the basic infrastructure for it to function, and for ecommerce, it’s web development. Creating, setting up, maintaining, and managing an ecommerce store wouldn’t have been possible without the numerous tools and technologies in the web development industry. However, it must be realized as well how ecommerce has played a major role in scaling up the economy of this industry. With more and more businesses establishing webstores, the demand for web development has significantly increased.

  • Web developing and hosting companies are getting more clients and orders for their services.

  • The demand for more webstores has also created more job opportunities for people in the website development industries.

  • The enhanced role of web development linked to the booming of the ecommerce industry is attracting more investment into the field, speeding up the development of new technologies and tools for further advancement in this field.

ecommerce business benefitting Business integration providers

Every business comes with its requirements that must be met to realize its full potential. This presents great B2B business opportunities in the corporate ecosystem. One such need is driven by the complicated business environment of the corporate world that calls for the utilization of multiple business solutions to manage different business domains – the need to integrate these multiple business solutions into a connected business management system to provide a unified experience. Thus, a need for business integration solutions. Much of online stores are businesses expanding into the online domain for their offline retail operations holding different solutions to manage their POS operations and ecommerce webstore. Furthermore, many companies use different solutions to handle different operations such as online sales, accounting, Customer relations, etc. The integration solutions provide a means to bridge the gap between these disparate solutions by syncing the operations and data amongst them for greater efficiency.

With the advent of ecommerce stores, the need for integration solutions by ecommerce companies has surged drastically to fulfill such demands; this has presented integration solution providers with a great opportunity to leverage such market demand and resulted in their increased profitability. The x2xecommerce as an expert in providing ecommerce solutions for many years also provides integration solutions for online businesses. One example of an integration solution by x2xecommerce is the x2xecommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution.


A good economy has multiple industries supporting each other to create a network of industry dependency and the ecommerce industry has proved itself by playing such a role in the global economy complementing and even creating other businesses that depend on it.

If you’re looking for an ecommerce integration solution, then x2xecommerce can help you. Contact the x2x team for any query or a free demo of its solutions.



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