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How an online retail can benefit using RMH and integration suite?

We, x2x eCommerce have worked with several retailers both as consultant and as solutions providers for the past 3 years. First of all, we learnt that there isn’t a single-fit ecommerce team and often, the team structure keeps changing based on the business conditions. Let’s take a typical example of a shoe retailer that has focus on branding and photography. These organizations will have top-notch CRM suites and data/digital analytics team. Above all, the number of people required for an eCommerce team will keep changing depending on the SKU’s that are available. The marketing budget also plays an important role too.

Typical departments for an online retailer

1. The Executive Team

Well, it seems like mostly the team is run by the Vice President of eCommerce or eCommerce Head. Similarly, in some organizations, the Chief Digital Officer or Chief Marketing Officer takes care of this department.

2. Marketing

The Marketing team will be involved in the following tasks:

1. Customer Relationship Management 2. Acquisition 3. Loyalty 4. Digital Marketing

Also, for larger organizations, they will have dedicated team to work on Email Marketing, Social Media support and even Search Engine Optimization.

3. Inventory Management

There will be several roles in this team which includes buyers that work on sourcing the products. Visual merchandising or web merchandising roles are brought in for specific categories. The analytics team and buyers work together for managing the featured products in the eCommerce portal.The eCommerce websites follows manual interventions instead of personalzation tecnologies/recommendation engines where the team sizes are large.

However, solutions like x2x eCommerce has comeout with a fantastic suite that helps users to manage inventory with ease!

4. The UX Team

This business can’t run without a perfect UX Team (How are we regular users going to start using their website, if it isn’t fancy?). This team focuses on creating mockups/prototypes and generates initial customer surveys through usability testing. They will work in parallel with the software developers to comeup with a final website. Most of the mid-sized organizations outsource these divisions, however, having a dedicated UX Team is always an asset to an eCommerce business.

Apart from the above, other major departments are:

5. Operations 6. Development 7. Analytics 8. Customer Service 9. Finance and 10. Projects

Now let’s get into the actual topic as how an online retail can benefit using RMH and integration suite?

Well, the good news is that x2x eCommerce has got Magento – Retail Management Hero (RMH) as well as Shopify – Retail Management Hero (RMH) integration suites. Our participation at Retail Realm 2018 Partner and User Conference was overwhelming and received great feedbacks from stakeholders and partners of the event.

Manage your Retail and eCommerce website under one roof

How about managing your Retail and eCommerce website under one roof? Let’s check out the features that you can benefit by choosing x2x eCommerce with RMH:

  1. It helps you to connect your Magento and Shopify platforms easily (WooCommerce and Amazon integration suites are under development and will be available by end of Q2 2019*)

  2. Managing your orders? No problem! It helps you upload inventory, quantity, catalog and prices in few clicks.

  3. Sell your products via Jet, eBay and other top-notch marketplaces

  4. The solution is compatible with all your devices (PC, laptop, tablet PCs and smartphones).

  5. You also get to experience the Warehouse Management System in x2x eCommerce Suite.

Why x2x eCommerce – RMH integration suite for your eCommerce store?

Why x2x eCommerce? You can kick start your eCommerce sales away using your well known webstore platform. Having your retail solution like RMH and x2x eCommerce suite will keep your webstore updated at all times!

What’s the most interesting part, you don’t need to hire an extra person to take care of your website everytime. When adding items to your POS, using x2x eCommerce, you can replicate them onto your webstore in no time. You will be able to update pricing information as well as available stocks easily using x2x eCommerce suite.

Our Recommendation

Therefore, to get started, we strongly recommend you to try out our Retail eCommerce Lite version where you can manage your webstore orders to your Retail Management Hero (RMH) solution and maybe go with this only feature as a start and see the results for yourself! Consequently, you can always upgrade to more features in long run.

Why x2x eCommerce?

We come with over 18 years of software expertise in retail solutions and integration suites for the top-notch solutions available today. Hence, our software experts are always there to support you on how to manage your eCommerce webstore solution with Retail Management Hero or Dynamics RMS.

Click here to request for a “FREE” quick demo today!



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