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Features enhancing the x2x BC-Magento experience.

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While the increment in the complexities of business dynamics is inevitable, the available resources to handle them are also increasing, thankfully. In such an environment, the consideration of your specific requirements and matching them with an overwhelming number of available solutions demands diligence. While there are a number of features suited to various requirements there are some primary features that need more attention when deciding on a business solution for your needs. This article will discuss some important features of the x2x BC-Magento integration solution that provide it with the foundation demanded by the intricated nature of integrated business systems.

x2x BC-Magento is developed using a compatible architecture

Whenever the solutions are designed & developed one important aspect that plays in how well they perform is controlled by its architecture. The x2x BC-Magento integration solution is written & developed using the same programming language, AL, which the Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC is developed to enhance its compatibility. The solution acts as an add-on to the existing Business Central and therefore can be accessed using the same environments.

  • It’s easier to learn and train since it uses the same environment as Microsoft BC.

  • Since it’s written in the same language it integrates easily with the Microsoft BC architect.

  • It is efficient in interacting with the Business Central because of the same programming language utilization eliminating any unnecessary conversion, translations, and context switching.

x2x BC-Magento is Customizable

The complex business nature puts every business in demand of customizations to run its operations; the business world is so vast and not every solution can exactly meet the requirements of every business, thus the need for customizable solutions. The x2x BC-Magento is a customizable solution ensuring that none of your business needs remain unfulfilled. Both Business Central & Magento come packed with numerous features & functions being utilized in various ways by businesses. The x2x team, consisting of experts having knowledge of both platforms, is always ready to consult you and customize the solution tailored to your needs.

x2x BC-Magento is versatile

It’s very important that the development team demonstrates knowledge about the working operations of businesses for which they’re creating the solution and the x2xecommerce shows it in how the x2x BC-Magento Solution is developed. The x2x solution provides various means to perform same tasks allowing the user to handle operations as per needs and desires. Some of the ways where the x2x BC-Magento offers flexibility is

  • Creating Parent items

    • Creating parent items through cards or bulk

    • Assigning child items to cards using item cards, parent item card,s or in bulk using Excel sheet.

  • Uploading item and order information

    • Uploading item & order information from the card

    • Uploading item & order information automatically when the item is saved

    • Uploading item & order information in bulk

    • Uploading items & order through scheduler.

  • Uploading customers

    • Uploading customer through card.

    • Uploading customers through the bulk menu.

    • Option to select whether you want to create a Magento customer or not in BC.

An image showing interface of the solution.


It is important that businesses consider deeply before incorporating solutions into their daily operations how they are designed & developed and whether they will be able to comply and fulfill their operational needs. The x2x BC-Magento solution being a versatile, customizable solution that is developed using the same language as Business Central is the perfect solution for anyone looking towards BC & Magento integration. If you’re looking for BC-Magento integration then feel free to reach out for a free demo or any query.



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