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ERP – eCommerce Management That Increases Productivity

There is no doubt that eCommerce has changed the way consumers can learn about and decide to purchase your products. However, one fact that remains consistent and will continue to remain that way is the everyday business management that is necessary to keep your business making money.

The need to properly manage your eCommerce business in an organized, professional way is necessary to ensure that your productivity is optimized, and your customers are satisfied, resulting in increased sales and high profits.

There are two choices when it comes to managing your eCommerce business (1) The traditional method to assign one or more employees to manage the webstore on an ongoing basis, update items, images, prices and stock availability, create customer accounts, specify customer specific prices and download orders for manual entry in the ERP system; and (2) The second is the integration of the eCommerce web front with an ERP program that will automatically keep your eCommerce webstore updated at all the times without the need for someone to manually keep updating the webstore at all times. allowing you to concentrate on the growth of your company.

Please continue reading to learn how the implementation of eCommerce module for Dynamics GP ERP can benefit your eCommerce business.

Relationship between eCommerce and ERP?

There is a deep link between ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP and an eCommerce solution. ERP is the major source of information for the eCommerce webstore. All the items and customers required to be uploaded on the webstore already exist in the ERP. Being the main Sales Ordering and Shipment solution, the prices and quantities are always current in an ERP system which is often the source of data for the eCommerce Solution.

On the other hand, all the orders received from all the source whether it is Phone, Fax, email or from eCommerce webstore, are entered the ERP system for the shipping department to pick, pack and ship, the sales department to invoice, the collection department to follow and the accounting department to monitor performance.

The Advantages of ERP Integration with Your Storefront

Integrating your ERP software to your storefront will bring efficiency in your business by effectively cutting down the possibility of human error, cutting staff cost, timely updating of your webstore and allowing more time for yourself to concentrate on other important business matters like reviewing the data of the performance of various products and product groups and the overall effectiveness of your web storefront.

Creates Efficient Management Tools

It is the goal of every business to function as efficiently as they can. Tools that integrate eCommerce with the ERP like x2x eCommerce for Dynamics GP are the example of efficient management tools that not only ensure that regular update of the data on the storefront and the prompt download or orders directly into ERP as they are received allowing you to manage your business, your time, and your records in the most efficient way.

All relevant data at one place

With the eCommerce integrated with Dynamics GP ERP through x2x eCommerce, all the sales, cost of goods sold, profitability and product performance data is centralized at one place, your Dynamics GP ERP system.

Even the data from the storefront is combined with data from other sources, x2x eCommerce allows you to maintain separate order number and customer number series to identify and report the performance of the storefront while at the same time not losing the sight of the big picture which is the overall sales and performance of the entire organization.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Because the relevant data and information is relating to inventory, prices, product features and product feature comparison are available to customer, customers can take their time to decide the product and services they will go for. Customers can take their time to read product and its related information together with the ability to see reviews and can we very much aware of the availability in stock, there is a very little need to call and deal with a pushy salesperson. Giving customer the option and choice and the ability to make decision without being pressurized by the sales guys exponentially increase the level of satisfaction for the customer.

Reduce Operational Costs

When the customer calls after getting all the basic facts about the products and services they want to buy, are aware of the prices, discounts and availability, usually the purpose of the call is to get clarification before placing the order. This significantly reduce the work load on the sales team who are more to close the sales rather than starting the sales process from the very beginning.

Allow Customers to Place Orders Anytime, Anywhere from any Device

For the customer, it is a big blessing to get the information and place an order from anywhere at any time using any device. Imagine customer running out of the supplies late in the evening when the business is closed and want the items first thing in the morning. Imagine the ability of the customer to be able to place the order from any device from anywhere and have the shipping department start shipping the items to the customer, as the day starts.

Productivity Increases, Everyone Wins

Implementing the fully integrated eCommerce with ERP software to efficiently manage the business increases productivity by freeing up time to dedicate for other pressing activities essential to company’s growth like getting new clients, improving customer service, and improving or developing market techniques are some of the examples of the benefits of integrating an ERP solution to your eCommerce business.

Secure Data Efficiently and Effectively

Keeping your information safe and secure is a concern for all eCommerce owners. By not allowing anyone to access the data from the eCommerce platform ensures that confidentiality of data. The data from the storefront flow directly into the ERP solution which is a safe place and depository of the Company’s financial and sales data.

Keeps You in the Competitive Arena

Running a successful business requires time, dedication, and the right tools. If customers cannot find what they are looking for they will simply go to one of your competitor’s sites and find it there. ERP software solutions will give your eCommerce storefront a competitive edge allowing you to manage your business efficiently, increase productivity, and provide excellent customer service which is all important to the success and reputation of your business.

X2X eCommerce solution make your life easier

X2X eCommerce is an add on module with Dynamics GP which enhances the functionality of Dynamics GP to add and store additional data which does not exists in GP by default but that is required by the eCommerce storefront. X2X eCommerce make use of the top of the line eCommerce front end to offer the best possible solution in the market. For more information please visit

Therefore, if you’d want to attempt a free demo of the x2x eCommerce, get in touch with us today.



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