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Effortless price management with RMH All-in-One integration solution

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Having a hybrid retail business can allow you to generate great profit by aligning yourself with the market expectations. However, ensuring that the prices are consistent on each platform manually can be tedious wasting precious time and resources. Also, manual data input means more chances of errors.

Presenting x2xeCommerce RMH All-in-One integration solution to simplify your management of the hybrid retail business. 

What is the x2x RMH All-in-One integration solution?

The x2xeCommerce RMH All-in-One integration solution is a comprehensive package that offers seamless management of your hybrid retail business. With this offer, you'll have your ecommerce storefront developed and integrated with your physical retail operations bringing you a unified business management system. Some of the features of this package include:

  1. A responsive storefront that adapts to all devices and screen sizes.

  2. Seamless integration of your RMH with your ecommerce platform.

  3. Customized storefronts and branding allow you to display a consistent brand experience to your customers.

Some other features of the solutions are

Automated price updates

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually updating prices across both platforms and save time and prevent any errors.

Flexible sales prices

The x2xeCommerce RMH All-in-One integration solution lets you put flexible sales prices allowing you to offer your customers flexible pricing options. You can map different RMH prices to your webstore regular and sales prices with time-specific needs as well, giving you the flexibility to control your prices as you want.

Focus on what matters 

With the automation achieved, you can utilize your time to focus on what matters most for your business that drives growth such as providing customer service and marketing campaigns.

The advantages of effortless price management 

By implementing the RMH All-in-One integration solution you can have multiple benefits 

Save your time

With automatic updates, you can save time and invest that in more time-consuming tasks to enhance your productivity.

Prevent errors

Errors can cause huge losses for businesses. With automatic updates, you don't need to put data manually allowing you to prevent errors that are associated with manual inputs. This can translate into better customer satisfaction by reducing discrepancies and preventing customer confusion.

Increase efficiency

By managing your webstores and physical stores from a single point of control and increasing automation you can enhance the efficiency of your operations.

Improved customer satisfaction 

With your prices updated consistently among different platform ensure your customers get a consistent experience and avoid discrepancies enhancing the customer satisfaction level.


If you're ready to take your business to the next level by adopting a hybrid retail model with a robust and comprehensive integrated system then the x2xeCommerce can help you implement such a solution for you. Eliminate any manual uploading and bring efficiency with cost and time saving to the world of your business. 

The x2xeCommerce being an expert in providing integration solutions in the domains of eCommerce, POS, accounting, and ERP can implement a unified management system in these domains for you as well. An example of an integration solution by the x2xeCommerce includes the x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution. Reach out to the x2xeCommerce team for a free demo or any query that you have.



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