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COVID 19: Ecommerce Webstore A Savior to the Retail Businesses during this Pandemic

Corona virus has led the entire world to stand still. We have been battling against Covid-19 for the past 3 months. Yes, it has affected all walks of life and the world economy too. Especially the brick and mortar businesses has affected adversely due to the closure of physical stores. They are under panic on how to take their business forward. Yes! This time too shall pass. But never let your business to lockdown in this global pandemic. Remember “Time is money”. Let’s take this as a revelation period and make the necessary changes that majority of the customers are demanding for: That is the ecommerce webstore of your business. So in this blog you will see the current ecommerce market in U.S and the most promising ecommerce trend now. U.S store visits has come down as low as 90% due to the shutdown of physical stores and this has led to a tremendous hike in the online purchase. According to Forbes, year on year revenue growth of U.S online retailers is up by 68% now. This evidently shows the immense opportunity and growth you could have through an ecommerce webstore. Yeah! It has become a new normal now. Gone are the days of going out for shopping, now people are demanding for shopping experience which hardly requires human contact. Popular trend in ecommerce now is Curbside pickup, where customer place order and pay online through your ecommerce webstore. All you need to do is pack the order and place them in their vehicle, when they reach the storefront. No matter what your business is, whether it be a small grocery shop or a global business, all are having equal opportunities in this era of ecommerce. Hope you have understood the importance of having an ecommerce webstore in this unprecedented time, due to Covid-19. Are you ready to give a new transition to your business and wondering how to go about it? Well! Do not worry because our team at x2x-ecommerce Company caters to all kinds of business, helping them to kick start a new journey online. We can help you to start an ecommerce webstore for your business using Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce in 3 weeks or less. Request for a demo and our team will get in touch with you soon to give a free 1 hour consultation. Stay with your business! Stay Safe! We are here for you.



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