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Common Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful eCommerce Implementation

Human errors are bound to be made if you do not acquire the expertise that are needed for any particular task or if you do not have the required resources to eradicate errors. Especially when it is about your business organization, you most definitely need your system to be updated and free of mistakes in order for you to showcase your business’ legitimacy and accurateness, you must ensure the strategies you are working with are in actuality fit for the goals you want achieve.

What is eCommerce? As times are on a fast-track, consumers are relying more on online shopping than physical shopping. Brands and retailers are now turning towards taking their businesses online in order to achieve their goals and cater a bigger market than they could capture whilst sitting in their store, giving themselves and the consumers an opportunity for purchasing with no time restriction, and creating a closer relation and an online experience that brings the consumer back to you for more.

As easy as it may seem, eCommerce is not a set-it-and-forget-it solution and should not be taken as one either. Mistakes are inevitable whether by an individual or by a company as a whole, however, a business should have enough flexibility to be prepared for potential bumps along the way for the business to not give up before it even starts. A few common mistakes that have been addressed by starters and must be avoided

Developing your own CMS Firstly, and foremostly, a major issue can be caused when you develop your own CMS from scratch if you do not have the expertise in the said area. This is the base of your business and should be handled by an expert who knows exactly what your requirement is. You must also ensure that you choose the correct platform, you can not just pick any and run with it. The last thing you want to do is choose a platform that does not offer features required for your vital operations.

Overlooking Security As a business manager, it is your responsibility to keep customer’s information secure. Another major requirement from you is to ensure to have any and everything to keep your business and customer’s private information to remain safe. The CMS you choose must guarantee protection against security breaches and hacking attempts.

Unclear Value Proposition You most definitely want your potential customer to figure out what you are offering to sell in the first look. However, it the website visitor is unable to figure that out immediately, you lose them. Your value proposition must be strong enough for the customer’s attention to be caught and convince them to dig in further

Poor Navigation Your website should be easy for a visitor to wander around, which means your goal should be having the visitor “click around” not just aimlessly but with a purpose. Any visitor wanting to look for a specific item should be able to do it easily by having option of the right category type which could be done by accordion menus.

Mediocre Design and Copy The look and feel of your website should be appealing, which means coupling the design and copy making it look like it fits. Using images and text that look mismatched and takes the balance is not what you want your websites outlook to be like.

Technical Glitches A website with technical glitches is a website that is closed in the second click. You want your website to be free of these glitches, should be mobile-friendly, ensuring that every link on your page works and directs the visitor to the correct page and takes less than no time to load.

Poor Product Description and Information With the rise in online shopping, customers are more curious and alert about their purchases since they are no longer able to interact with the products before their purchase. You do not want your customers to leave your website, even though you have the exact product they are looking for but they can’t find any necessary description. Your product description should be focused on the features and specifications of the product and how the customer could benefit from it.

Low-grade Product Photography Just like poor product description effects the products legitimacy, photography that does not bring the product to life in the eyes of the customer is another setback that you could face. Add 360° photography or videos where required, and include studio photographs. Again, online shopping does not allow customers to interact with the product right away, and if it doesn’t look good, they’re leaving.

Lack of Social Proof Unless you know someone who has recommended a certain product from a certain website, would you really want to purchase it online? You want to make sure you have product reviews and referrals that boost the legitimacy not just of the product but also your website, turning your prospects to converts.

Launching without Validating Selling your idea without understanding whether any one even wants to buy it is not the way you want to start; you will be creating a recipe for disaster. Before you launch, you must create enough buzz for the prospects to be curious that could be done via social media or any other platform that deems fit for your business. Without the knowledge of what you should expect, your business will not make it far.

That said, your best option is to opt for a CMS expert who can cover all the above-mentioned issues and provide you with an easy-to-use solution. Want to know more? Contact us at and get a 1 Hour FREE consultation today!



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