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5 Ways Integrated eCommerce Benefits Retailers

The word “omnichannel” might mean different things to different retailers, but all of them agree that the crux of it is to connect channels and build a single view of stock and customers across channels – which involves various system integrations. Here are the five ways in which ecommerce integration benefits retailers:

1) Increased Order Fulfilment

A retail store with ecommerce integration is able to offer the kind of endless aisle service associated with online shopping, in-store. There might even be a day when retailers are never out of stock because, the right systems will display only the available products online. This is also applicable for the stores with ecommerce integration as they can fulfil the orders even from alternative locations if they don’t have the stock themselves.

2) Provide Modern Purchase Methods

Buy online and pick up from the store, or; as it’s known in some countries; click & collect, is gaining popularity. Customers keen to shop in their busy lives are increasingly collecting online orders from shops – and ecommerce integration is crucial to support this important service. These software integrations will ensure that the seamless experience the customers received online is reflected in the store.

3) Deliver Customized Services

Today’s average shopper would have done their research and be up to date with products, prices, and special features. Where the retailers can stand out is through providing a service tailored to the individual customers. Personal marketing based on previous purchases is prevalent online – it is also a reality in store thanks to integrated ecommerce platforms that staff can access when interacting with customers.

4) Gain More Profit

An integrated eCommerce platform allows retailers to fulfil orders in the most economical way possible. If shipping products from the store is more cost effective than shipping it from the warehouse, it would be reasonable to do so. Retailers are mostly operating in challenging times while facing tough competition. As the ecommerce integration provides an overall view of stock, key business decisions can now be made with the bottom line in mind.

5) Improved Customer Experience

The ways in which an ecommerce integration benefits retailers can be neatly wrapped under one term: improving customer experience. And this is exactly what all the retailers are trying to achieve today. Most of the shoppers assume that what they see online will always be available in a store, and retailers must meet those expectations. By ensuring retail systems are rolled out with an eCommerce integration, retailers are shaping their operations in keeping up with how customers interact with brands in this modern world. If this can be achieved, they can drastically increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

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