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2019 Must-Have features for your eCommerce Webstore – Part 1

We are just few days away from 2019! Many businesses have implemented webstore capabilities to reach out to their beloved customers across the world. In contrast, speaking about webstores, it is all about features, UI and usability.

There are hundreds of eCommerce solutions providers today, but what features matters the most for you? Let us check it out:

Don’t get too excited! Seems like you have come across these features before, but this is for the newbies who are stepping into the eCommerce world to promote their businesses:

Consequently, one of our clients was boasting about having Magento as their webstore platform. While I proceed further, I have a humble request to the readers. If you feel that a large line of product offering will resolve all your eCommerce needs, you are wrong! Marketing strategies alone won’t help you get anywhere. The webstore features/functionalities are the key for both customers and webstore owners. Being an eCommerce business owner, it’s mandatory that you own the tools to better manage your webstore which includes the admin features that aligns with your business needs. Let’s take an example: when offering payment terms to your client, you need to make sure that the webstore is able to set credit limits for a customer. This is very much possible in contrast to what we are discussing right now with the integration tool, x2x eCommerce.

As a result, when moving into an eCommerce plan, make sure that you have the right features, else, you will regret later!

Important Features

  1. Content solutions in contrast with webstore integration

  2. Discount codes, gift coupon or promotion code generators so you can attract audience with gift offerings

  3. Easy Cart checkouts as a result – 100% sales!

  4. SEO friendly platform for product pages and layout

  5. Reports

  6. Integrated with email marketing

  7. Payment Gateway options

  8. Upgrade/upscale options for your platform

This is going to be a blog series. I will be writing about the core features in three parts.

Catalog Management

You cannot sell anything without a catalog isn’t it? Same goes with the webstores. You need a perfect catalog management solution within your eCommerce portal. Products like x2x eCommerce comes with a bulk update feature for your catalogs that automatically updates the price, quantity and even images with a click of a button!

A catalog management suite comprises of categories, products and brands.


  1. Manage your categories and sub-categories easily

  2. Search capability to effectively sort and find the required categories

  3. Categories can be active and inactive (live/offline)

  4. Setting URLs and SEO features for the categories

  5. Managing categories images/thumbnails

  6. Feature your categories on the navigation pane


  1. Setting URLs and SEO features for brands

  2. Managing your brands

  3. Featuring the brands on homepage

  4. Setting brands to active or inactive mode

  5. Easy manage brand logos


  1. Easy to edit and manage products.

  2. Search functionalities – find products in the desired categories using specified attributes

  3. Product fields with SKU, name, additional details, list price, selling price, weight, stock, minimum quantity order amount, product details, shipping fee etc.

  4. Able to choose options like free shipping, featured, reviews allowed and more

  5. Manage or add product images or additional images

  6. Easy editor interface to manage content

  7. Adding products to multiple or single categories

  8. Manage or add accessories

  9. Embedding YouTube or Videos from streaming sites

  10. Manage and approve product reviews



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