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Dynamics GP Magento ecommerce mall x2x ecommerce

x2x eCommerce Dynamics GP-Magento Integration enables organizations using enterprise ERP solution. It adds an eCommerce module to your Microsoft Dynamics GP software. You can now easily manage your Magento site.

Why x2x eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Magento Integration ?

x2x eCommerce Dynamics GP to Magento solution is among the first to add an eCommerce module to Microsoft Dynamic GP and uses the latest and thoroughly comprehensive web-front components provided by Magento eCommerce. The Dynamics GP-Magento integration provides organizations with tools to manage their Magento eCommerce site in a very convenient way.

The integration solution creates a api bi-directional integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Magento site. Integrating Magento and Dynamics GP these two platforms enables organizations to take full advantage of the capabilities and flexibility of both the platforms simultaneously as most of the tasks will be automated.

We love to talk about features. So, here are a few videos to get you started!

x2x eCommerce Dynamics GP - Magento ecommerce integrations enable organizations using enterprise ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP, to efficiently manage their e-commerce webstore, taking the advantage of the flexibility, power and capabilities of Magento e-commerce platform.

Connect you Magento Store with Dynamics GP (ERP).


Features of Dynamics GP - Magento Integration

  • Get actionable insights into your eCommerce business success that help drive better, informed decisions.

  • Create multi-level categories or sub categories and assign items to the categories.

  • Easily define mapping parameters like order ID, Site ID, Pricing levels.

  • Assign attributes and select the items to be displayed on your webstore.

  • Including Mapping taxes, shipping methods, and payment methods is easier than ever.

  • Display and use quantity breaks defined in the GP pricing level.

  • Handle partial shipment if order was partially shipped in Dynamics GP.

  • Send the setup information from Magento to Dynamics GP for mapping.

Features of GP Magento Integration


Clothing Store

Integrate Dynamics GP to Magento

  • Inventory items

  • Categories and sub categories

  • Multi-tier price levels

  • Product images

  • B2B customer information

  • Shipment information

Integrate Magento to Dynamics GP

  • Tax ID and rates

  • Shipping methods

  • Payment methods

  • Attributes and attribute sets

  • B2C customer and their information

  • Sales orders with all relevant information

Security of Dynamics GP Magento Integration

  • x2x eCommerce makes sure that your confidential data is safeguarded and protected.

  • Implementing x2x Dynamics GP-Magento integration helps get rid of manual data entry and be error free.

  • By following certain set of rules and regulations regarding our clients’ security features, their security is ensured.

  • x2x eCommerce handles the backend processes so that you can focus on your key areas like customer satisfaction, growth and revenues.

Security of Dynamics GP Magento Integrat

Benefits of Dynamics GP Magento Integration:

  • Both the platforms are synced seamlessly.

  • The integration requires only a minimum training.

  • Avoid costly errors as a result of faulty data entry.

  • Reduce deployment time using our integration solution.

  • Add connections anytime, anywhere.

  • Free up time and resources to focus on your customers and business growth.

  • Eradication of order processing errors.

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"We are very happy that we have automated our processes using x2x e-commerce, it has resulted in significant time savings for us as there is not a need to invoice online orders received. With the integration into GP, we have eliminated the need for staff to enter orders as they now go directly in our system. Being in an essentially live environment makes for improved accuracy and labour savings."

Terri L , Amos Pewter

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Read more about eCommerce integration features and Cases on how x2x eCommerce has benefited customers across the region.
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