Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration

Automate yourShopify eCommerce with x2x eCommerce Dynamics 365 Business Central integration suite,

x2x eCommerce!

x2x eCommerce Dynamics 365 BC-Shopify integration provide the organizations with the tool to hassle-free  manage their Shopify eCommerce site

(Also available in Spanish)

Benefits of x2x Integrating Dynamics 365 Business Central and Shopify

1. Why x2x eCommerce Dynamics 365 BC Shopify Integration.

Enables organizations to take advantage of the capabilities and flexibility of Shopify by managing  their Shopify eCommerce using  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced customer satisfaction with prompt downloading of the Shopify orders, ensuring that the  orders are delivered on time; and keeping them updated on shipment status.

3. Accelerated Shipment Process

x2x eCommerce helps you to process shipments faster, first, by accepting the order only of the items are in-stock and promptly creating order in Dynamics 365 BC, updating the warehouse at the same time about the shipment to be made.

4. Familiar Interface

x2x integration for Shopify uses the familiar Dynamics 365 interface, eliminating the need to train      your staff on a new solution to manage their Shopify site

5. Your Shopify site is always current

Items are added on Shopify, prices are updated, and item availability is updated regularly to provide the best user experience to your customers

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